Friday, June 22, 2012

Blue'n'Gold mask [Makeup]

"Tribe Gyaru"
That's actually the first thing that came to mind when I finished this..  Afterwards it reminded me a bit of Disney Atlantis inspired as well due to the colors and the hair. My sister thought I looked like a fantasy character lol. Well I didn't know what to name this so it just became a neutral title (^^ゞ

Oh well, I actually I didn't have any clear idea of the whole thing when I started this. Well I got the outline of the idea in the middle of the night. Something with blue lace and silver hair. It's difficult to keep my ideas if I don't execute them immediately, like that flick of inspiration that strucks you, but it will be gone shortly after unless you grab it right away. It's kinda difficult to do it in the middle of the night though + no light, and I don't really have a photo studio I can use (´A`。)

So it turned into this the following noon. I'm pretty sure this wasn't exactly what I had in mind but oh well ╮(─▽─)╭

Here's a close up without hair in the way XD
 And without the "angel bite piercings" since I didn't add them in the beginning. I was actually really unsure where to place all the 'piercings' and just went a bit crazy I guess (#`ε´#ゞ

 And that's pretty much what I have to say! I don't know if you can see the difference in quality in the photos from the former post and this one compared to before?
Well I guess it's easier for myself to tell since I work with the photos XD But my new camera makes it sooo much easier to camwhore as well muhaha! *gets shot* ―(T_T)→

And yes, I changed my watermark-thing (again). I'm never gonna be satisfied (;¬_¬)

Hope you liked this first 'creative makeup' post in a while!
I'll try to follow up on it since I have more time for it now (^▽^)

Thanks for looking! ♫

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Short hair vs. Long hair

I am back from my small hiatus~!
And in HD on top of that woah~ (I got a new camera lol)

I turned in my bachelor thesis earlier this month and finished the oral examination defending the project this Monday! Which means... I'm officially done with school!! Graduation ceremony is not before the end of this month so I've not "officially" graduated yet since I don't have my diploma. Doesn't mean much to me though since I'm D.O.N.E. and on vacation (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) 

On to the topic!
I guess it shouldn't be a surprise for any of my readers anymore that I like to "dress-up" hoho ಥ‿ಥ
I bought a short bob wig a while ago and just received a new long wig I found super cheap on ebay!
So here's me with short and long hair (^⊆^)
I like how much a different hairstyle can change your appearance! ಥ‿ಥ
Which do you prefer?

I guess I look more mature with short hair..! I had a bob cut once which was actually kinda nice, but then again I got bored since you can't really style it that much other than... bob hair...

 The long wig is actully meant for Caroline/Yukari cosplay from ParaKiss (*´・v・) This was actually a makeup try-out for the cosplay. I need to re-style and cut the wig though. 

Aaaand it's kinda fun to see myself with dark/black hair again!! 
(the long might be just black enough though lol)

And here's a stupid small gif I made.. (*~▽~)
picasion gif maker
Forever derping...

I have been watching a bunch of anime and J-dramas recently.. And starting playing some Otome-games as well just to try.. and I got hooked.. Aaaah forever otakuuu~!!! (ノ´ー`)ノ
I will now go back to being a hikikomori (shut-in) lol...

And that was a lousy post for a comeback haha ((T.T; )
But I promise my next post will be a bit more exciting!! Well at least colorful!!

I've promised myself to make more creative makeup stuff this summer, so you can guess what the next post will contain (。^_・)ノ
I went to my cousin's Vietnamese-style engagement party this weekend as well which I'll probably blog about soon too!

Thanks for looking!
Stay tuned!