Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween cosplay~!

Happy Halloween! 
 So these past days Tokyo has been full of the craziest halloween parties!
Me and the girls decided to do a super otaku halloween cosplay (since we are nerdy like that lol)
From the super ecchi zombie anime series: Highschool of the Dead! ψ(*`ー´)ψ

Me as the annoying brain Saya Takagi lol
Maria as Senpai Saeko Busujima and Bexi as
Rei Miyamoto
It was super fun to smear the blood on the uniforms lol! (・`ω´・)

As you can see from the background we were in Omotesando. SUPER highclass luxurious area, so walking around in cosplay was a bit awkward haha! Even though Omotesando is right next to Harajuku and it's halloween, people were still staring a lot and asking if there was some special event lol!

 A lot of people thought we cosplayed from Sailormoon too (;¬_¬)
But some did recognize us! Amongst them some super otaku people! One guy was literally shaking from fandom when he saw us lol!! So cute hahaha!! (*≧▽≦)

Freezer from Dragonball was there as well lol
 We went to a halloween event in Omotesando Hills. Most people showed up in costumes!
 Jack Sparrow was a pretty popular costume as well as slutty nurses and spidy lol
 The girls on the cosplay catwalk lol!
 Different prizes were given out to people. Most of them were pretty randomly selected which was kinda a shame for the people who had spend a lot of time and money on their costumes. But Maria was so lucky to get a small bracelet as a gift hehe! (ヘ。ヘ)

 After the event we were supposed to go to another private party, however it SUPER sucked and we already payed to get in only to realize how awful the party was (AND out of booze even though they promised there would be free bar). We wanted to leave after only 5 min, but since we didn't wanna waste our money and the idiot guy didn't wanna give us back our cash we just stole some booze (after waiting for it to arrive after an hour) from the party and left lol... seriously. ヽ(`⌒´メ)ノ

 But cosplaying with the girls was super fun!! It was both Maria's and Bexi's first time cosplaying with wigs, costume and everything teehee.. 

Thanks for an awesome halloween! Hope you all had or will have great halloween parties as well!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sweets Paradise (。♥‿♥。)

So I'm obviously bad at blogging here in Japan.. (ノ´д`) Well I cannot promise I'll get better with it, but you can always follow me on my facebook page as mentioned before since I'm more active there (or twitter).

But well to catch up a bit I went to a place called "Sweets Paradise" with Maria on my birthday!
It's a 'tabehoudai'/all-you-can-eat chain full of CAKE! Yes people.. this is where you wanna go to get fat lol..
I went to the shop in Shinjuku, it's right next to Shinjuku station east exit.

Well since it was my birthday we had been thinking about going to a regular cake restaurant, but hey.. why not go all out and go to a cake buffet?? Much cheaper anyway and you can try more than 20 different kinds of cake! You get 70 min for about 1500 yen.

 The ticket machine! There was a small line when we came there but we didn't wait more than 10 min I think.

 The cake van!
 Full of cake!

Well they DO have normal food as well such as pasta, pizza, rice, curry, salad and soup. But not as much as cake since that's the main attraction. But we started of with a bit of the regular food hehe and then went for cake!
And THEN it was CAKE TIME! Well I think I totally overestimated myself.. I THOUGHT I could eat an endless amount of cake. But after one plate I felt kinda sick lol /disappointedwithself
But THEN we saw that they had ice cream as well!! Woooow win!! So obviously we had to get some while still feeling a bit sick with cake lol..

 Maria trying the icecream first.......


OMG icecream is too SWEET!? 

Yeah it was actually crazy HOW sweet it was.. so much it hurt your tongue... T_T I've never tried anything like that.. It was like soft ice with 3 spoon full of sugar on top. I usually love ice cream.. But I guess I'm not cut out for the ice cream in Sweets Paradise lol

Photo kindly taken by sweet Maria
Oh oh not to forget the small chocolate fountain!

And that was my trip to Sweets Paradise! You can check out their website of you're interested in going
They have shops around Shibuya, Harajuku and Shinjuku.

Well there are a lot of these kind of all-you-can-eat places in Japan. I liked Sweets Paradise, but it was not my favorite. Most of the cakes looked really nice but were a bit boring in taste. And then a few were of course really nice! But if you wanna go for a cake buffet it is definitely worth it!!

Oh and check out my small photoshoot with Maria! The rest are on my facebook page ;D
Trying out my new lens! And it was Maria's first time trying a photoshoot.. I'm really surprised how well she did!! Especially because she usually gets a bit awkward when I take regular photos of her haha!!

And least but not last... I did something to my hair 8D