About Me ☆

Name: Hong-Hanh
Nickname: Hopy
From: Copenhagen, Denmark
Ethnicity: Vietnamese 
Age: 17.09.1990
Language: Danish, English, Vietnamese, Japanese 

Occupation/Major: Student - undergrad Business and Japanese.

Spare time activities: lolling with friends, dancing, shopping, playing with makeup, watching J/K-dramas, playing video games, taking pictures, eating
Waste time activities: Youtube, net shopping, eating icecream, cam whoring
Collecting: Spongebob stuff, kira kira stuff, shoes
Bad habits: over-eating and getting super nausea afterwards
Fancies: Danish pastry

Welcome to my blog!♫ 

I'm a Vietnamese born girl that grew up in Denmark. My blog is my little space for sharing small slices of life and as a personal journal as well. I love photography as I think photos are a nice way to keep your memories♪ I'm still new to the whole photography subject, but I'm trying my best and just enjoy taking pictures♥

I like to draw and do creative makeup as well as doing nails, hair and anything else beauty related☆ I like Japanese fashion a lot, especially Gyaru fashion~

I love music in general and like to listen to a lot of different music, usually depending on my mood and the situation♫ I listen to anything from Kpop - Jpop - Jrock - Metalcore - HipHop - mainstream♫

I'm a part-time otaku as well and enjoy anime, manga and video games♫

My blog Tanoshimi (jap: looking forward to s.t.~) will very likely contain a great mix of all these things lol so be prepared ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ