Thursday, December 30, 2010


So I finally got to dye my roots since I was really tired of the black creeping out again D: I'm not gonna keep it this.. orange though! Just a little pre-bleaching for the final thing kekeke.. Yes I bleached my eyebrows too.. It looks a little strange close up since not all the brows got evenly bleached ö_ö I guess that's why you go to a hairdresser... Oh well!

Yesterday I went out shopping with to wonderful gaaaals~! Jeongie and Maria Sadly enough no pictures, but the ladies looked totally GALICIOUS! XD The mission was to find a New Year's dress for Maria, but we didn't find any D: And then I realized I hadn't thought of anything for New Year's either, and luckily found a cheap dress I'm gonna wear since I'm poor haha! Pictures tomorrow ^^
I bought some accesories as well After 4 straight hours of walking around, we were worn out and settled at Wagamama to relax and have something nice wapanese food (>ω<*)ノ
Thereafter I went out to get my parcel from Yesstyle. Wuuhuu finally got my Christmas gift..! These babies that I actually already showed you some time ago, just in pink, but now I HAVE them!
I'm totally in love! I didn't realize on the picture, but the soles actually glitters *w* I got the black leopard boots as well... they are SO tall! Well, at least the tallest pair I got, 13 cm! And then I got my wig.. gonna show you all that another day.

Today I had to get another parcel.. The doorbell somehow doesn't work so I have to get the parcels myself. Getting tired of going out in the frosty weather all the time, but well it's worth it! I got my Christmas present from my cousin.. A dress and a pair of fake lashes!
I like the print, it's all black on the backside too - but I'm not all sure how to wear it yet haha

And tomorrow's is New Year's eve! I had a huge dilemma deciding where to celebrate.. I've never had the chance to celebrate with my friend from elementary school - Zuum - so I really wanted to do that! But Jeongie and Maria also invited me to celebrate with them which could be lots of fun too.. But I finally got the chance to celebrate with Zuum so in the end I decided to do that..

And for New Year's eve tomorrow - I'm gonna make a little surprise thingie~ You might guess what I'll do from this little picture... kekeke...
Stay tuned dears!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Feeling blue..?

So, I was kinda bored and didn't know what to do.. It has been a long time since I've done any creative makeup.. I was thinking something spacey - futuristic.. But I guess my hand just took over XD
Bad lightning since it's evening, so I just took some quick pictures.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

White Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! 
(I love the small gal emoticons )

Today's outfit:
Kinda more down to earth.. Of course I wore more layers when I went outside ( ・_・)ノ
I finally finished the worst exam yesterday. I don't have a good feeling about it, but at least I can forget it all for a short while. Anyway, a lot of things happened lately which kinda got me to celebrate Christmas alone. My parents went on a trip to Thailand and Vietnam as well, so I asked my friend Rose if I could join her even though I still think it's a bit strange to celebrate with non-family ^^' But better than celebrating alone of course!
Today I had a 'date' with Liv ^^ We went out shopping for the last Christmas presents (or actually it was only me). On the way we found the new awesome LEGO store XD
Liv trying to open her yoghurt-thingie while talking XD

Afterwards we went home to Liv's place and did some.. ugly nails XD Not really successful but still kinda fun. And then she began to brush off the polish in my face =_=' Damn you Liv! Kinda strange to use nail polish remover on your face and neck (。・_・。)

Tomorrow I'm going to watch the new Harry Potter with my friend Mew. It's her Christmas present for me..! And then I have to find the last, last presents as well.. A bit stressful to do it all the final days, but I haven't had time... I still feel kinda stressed out even though it's vacation now. I hope I'll realize soon so I can relax a bit >_<' I'm listening to a good deal of Kpop these days. I mean, I always listen to Kpop but, now I'm listening to songs repetitiously (*゚.゚) That's what get me through the day (*´ο`*)=3

And today's picture!

 Actimel drinking yoghurt add!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

ストレス Stress, Party, Stress..

Sorry I don't feel like writing anything lately. I feel super stressed out :/ I wish I could enjoy December a bit more.. (  ゚,_ゝ゚)

Today's outfit..
I got my DC boots~ They're sooo soft and warm!! And then I bought some extensions.. They are a bit off-color, but I'll dye my hair soon in the same color anyway >_> And don't worry, I'm wearing stockings XD

Anyway, I went to a party this friday and meeting some gaals..! It was a lot of fun \(o ̄∇ ̄o)/
Maria, me and Jeongie~
Hopy-geek, Morten, Lasse
Sorry Jeongie XD Please don't kill me for this TwT But it's hilarious!
Hello there handsome guy XD
Jeongie and Kura
Sorry, I don't remember the first guy's name ^^' Lasse and Maria
 Nicu people desu ( ̄▽ ̄)

Ok sorry, I'll emo away again... (T_T)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Shoe-aholic & E.L.F. cosmetics

I think many of you already know the Asian fashion site Yesstyle. I've been looking at there stuff from time to time but never really bought anything... However today, I just browsed through their shoe-collection and I fell TOTALLY in love with almost everything I saw !! Omg why haven't I checked it out earlier??
There are SO many shoes I want - but I'm scarred of buying too much and get an awfully unfair high tax on it D:

Anyway, this is what I've been drooling over *Q*

Me liking angle boots? What do you mean? XD Oh and the last pairs were really funny since I saw the same heartshaped heel when I was in Japan last year. I think they are kinda cute even though they are a bit over the top Barbie-style. But I still think it would be funny to own them... I don't know if I should get them in pink or black yet since the pink ones are REALLY pink... But it would be kinda funny too (*≧▽≦)
They have some really cute summer shoes as well but it might be maybe a bit tooo early since we're getting into winter =.=

Since I don't have any real winter shoes and totally underestimated the sickening cold winter last year, I'm thinking to buy some really warm and comfortable ones... Mmm yeah I want some moonboots~
DC winter boots..! I remember hating moonboots, especially when they were really popular and almost everyone had a pair.. But I actually think the DC ones are cute and they're SUPER comfortable. So I don't have to worry for wet and cold feet I guess (*´ο`*)=3

I also bought some stuff from the UK cosmetic site E.L.F.. I ordered a makeup palette from the US Coastal Scents earlier this year, and it was really nice! It's not that expensive but taxes were added and it was kinda annoying.. My friends then told me about ELF and that the quality should be at least as good as Coastal and it was really cheap.. So I thought I'd try.
I've been lucky with my order I guess - I was a bit skeptical since it wasn't just cheap but REALLY cheap. I mean £3.50 for a mineral blush and £1.50 for nail polish and lipgloss??? But well.. it really works! And I'm really happy with my order!! ヾ(^∇^)

I bought Luscious liquid lipstick
I didn't notice they stated "vanilla Mint" flavor when I bought it, so I got really positively surprised when I got it! I kinda want to eat it since it tastes like my favorite candy ♪(ノ´∀`*)ノ

I bought the pink mineral blush (to the left) at first. It wasn't as pink as I wanted it.. more like rosy, but it lasts all day long compared to a cheap blush I bought from Rimmel that disappears as soon as you touch your cheeks >_>' I tried to order the more purple one, which I'm waiting for, as I hope it will turn out the color I want.
I bought some nail polishes as well but haven't tried them.

But well.. bye bye to savings since christmas presents also weight a lot (  ゚,_ゝ゚)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Winter's creeping up

It's getting colder and darker these days and I feel super lazy.. more than I am usual ヾ(-_-;) School is also kinda stressful at the moment - I'm just looking forward for the Christmas holidays..

Getting ready for the icy winter ^^'

Anyway - This weekend I went to J-popcon. Usually I'm not really into these conventions since I often feel bored and don't know what to do.. And I wasn't interested in cosplay either.. However me and Zuum decided to cosplay from Burst Angel since we liked the character designs and I thought I'd give cosplay another chance ^^' So I found myself working on my cosplay the last two months and actually enjoying it.. And YAY! I'm quite happy with my first cosplay \(^□^*) Pictures will come later...

Surprisingly I kinda liked this year's J-popcon - thanks to all my friends and nice people that were there... And the dealer room had Kpop for the first time - so I was really excited XD *fangirling* However there was this creepy guy cosplaying the cat-guy from Ouran High School Host Club and was creeping up at me all the time Ô___Ô Everytime Kami and/or Rose would look at me - kinda scared/alerted - and when I turned around the guy stood behind me with the cat-handdoll at my shoulder (ι´Д`)ノ *eeew*

Saturday I chose not to cosplay.. But did some makeup instead.

And the outfit I wore with my Usamimi ^3^
But it wasn't that fun not to cosplay since I felt out of place >_>' So I wore my cosplay again sunday - sadly without my partner >.< But we'll do a photoshoot or something I guess since she didn't get to wear her Meg cosplay for that long T.T And sorry to say but.. I'm really getting into cosplay now ToT I wan't to cosplay my favorite character from my favorite game... SOUL CALIBUR!!

I love Talim!! I think I'll cosplay her with the blond/white hair. She looks like a cute little rabbit >w< Me and Zuum are totally in Soul Calibur mode since we tried Soul Calibur IV at J-popcon - so she is going to cosplay Taki <3 I'm really excited about it but I guess it'll be a hell a lot of work >_< So I'll start soon ._. I'm already looking forward for Genki 2011 XD (yes I'm a geek)

Thanks people for a nice convention! I'm already super bored and don't know what to do (although I have a bunch of homework *cries*).. Concentration - where did you go!?

Ok bye for now and thanks for looking!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Yankee-kun to... fake nails!

Yesterday's outfit..
Curled hair and more natural looking lashes (even though you can't see them unless you're close >.>)
Yesterday I went out on a little "date" with my bf. We wanted to watch the new movie "Legend of the Guardians - The Owls of Ga'Hoole" and only Cinemaxx showed the movie that day so we went to the shopping center Fisketorvet before going to the movies. I bought a cardigan and a sweater/dress (it's actually navy even though it looks black)

I fell in love with both and they're also really warm and comfortable <3
After that we went to a restaurant to eat - and realized I'd dropped my cellphone ∑(O_O;) I was almost certain that I dropped it in the shop where I bought my clothes since it was the only time I took my jacket off.. I remembered hearing a "clock!" but when I looked on the floor there was nothing.. -_-' So annoying - but luckily I got it back today.. My mom wrote an email and told me they had called from the shop and my cell phone was there *phew*
But otherwise I LOVED the movie!!! I didn't really have any expectations even though I hated Happy Feet - but it was SO beautiful, epic and lovely at the same time that I was mesmerized from the beginning ^^' I'll definitely buy it when it comes out on dvd ♡\(・∀・*)

Friday my bf played a concert and I decided that this was the day to try wearing fake nails \(--)/
I got these from my friend Rose.. I found out I love fake nails - but hate the fact that I can't really do.. anything ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ But I'm getting more used to it.. And I wanted to do some big hair so I made a high ponytail, back-combed it and made a big side fringe :3 However I'd forgotten it was "J-dag" and I went out to the concert place alone....... But nothing happened besides lots of stares ζ~(∂_∂)~ζ
There were some REALLY mean and annoying people at the concert place -.- It was a rather small place and 4 bands played in total. It was all some sub-genre of rock but nothing like the music my bf's band was playing - so people were shouting things like "Go home and cry!" or just booo'ing.. Kinda astonishing thus I felt like beating their sorry asses... Fine if you don't like the music - but you don't need to act like a fucking retard... Anygay....

Today I finally finished Jo's top - I'm really pleased with the outcome! But I'm still a n00b since it's my first homemade cosplay >_>' And I have to color the fabric for the pants again in some other way since it turned out rosy-colored after drying.. Not stressful at all since there's less than a week for J-popcon and the pants is the most difficult part (*゜Д゜*) *cries*
I'm watching this J-drama right now "Yankee-kun to Megane-chan" it's really funny! And with one of my fav actors Narimiya Hiroki *fangirling* Based on the manga with some title (I haven't read) and kinda the regular highschool goes Yakuza crazy story with cheesy messages.. But I still enjoy it ヽ(* ̄o ̄*)>

Hope you all had a nice weekend!