Friday, September 30, 2011

Don. Kihoute!

Today, I went to Don Kihoute! It's big department like shop where you can get pratically EVERYTHING! From makeup to snacks, expensive watches to cheap wigs and costumes.. You can basically get a lot of weird, funny and useful stuff in there. I feel it's kinda dangerous to go in there though, because of all the temptations haha!
I was amused, they even have the host-like pointy shoes!
All kinds of wigs!
The other day, I bought some lashes..! They have ALL the different brands and style that a gyaru could desire. But makes it pretty hard to choose as well.. I bought some upper and lower lashes. Haven't tried out the lower lashes yet. And then the most amazing stuff.. EYEBROW MASCARA X'D From Palty. I bought one from Etude House, but it was too dark and red compared to my hair color. But this one from Palty was PERFECT! They had it in 4 different shades, and I just took the lighest.
I usually have naturally black brows. I used to dye them once in a while but got kinda tired of it. No more need for bleaching your eyebrows with the eyebrow mascara! I must say that I really love it! ♥

And that's all for now. Moving into my apartment tomorrow! Excited >o</

Monday, September 26, 2011

Bye Seoul~ Hello Tokyo~

I'm in Japan now. Time really flies by..! I've already been in Japan for 5 days.. I haven't been doing much since I don't really feel stressed or busy to do the things I want to ô.ô It's kinda nice, but on the other hand I don't want to waste my time here either.

The nightview of Seoul is amazing~!
Today has been a really nice day..! ヾ(´▽`*;)ゝ" I went to a visual kei concert! Sadly for some reason it was prohibited to take pictures, so no pics :(
I'm sure I would have been more excited a couple of years back when I was a big fan.. however, it was still a lot of fun! I was really surprised.. mostly because of the audience..! The whole concert vibe was very different from Europe, or what I'm 'used' to .. It was a small local concert I think with 6-7 different bands. I must admit the first bands were kinda.. awful.. everyone was sitting down at the back and only 3 people were standing at the scene. I was a bit confused to begin with, but that's how they do it in Japan apparently. People only get up and cheer for their band and sit down again afterwards. I was a bit confused what to do, but ended up just standing with French couple I met that told me about the whole concert thing. I thought it seemed kinda unpolite to sit down and felt kinda sorry for the bands that only had 3-5 fans (even though they were kinda bad...) ._.

But it seemed like they put the better bands at the end..! After a super awful band, a REALLY awesome band appeared. Even though I rarely listen to jrock anymore, I was really amazed..! They were SO good Ô_Ô/ And after the concert I even got to talk with the band. They were soo nice and cute! I really hope I can go and see them again!
The bands that came after was popular as well, though not really my taste in music. But their costumes and outfits were amazing though.. Watching visual kei live is surely an experience (*´∀`*)ゞ

South-Korean army cap
The last days in Korea were really nice and relaxed. I was sad to leave Korea but was also looking forward to Japan. I really want to blog more about all the things I experienced, but I'm just lazy and forget all the time >.< But it was really nice to be back en Seoul again ♥

I'm still so excited after today's events that I'm not tired at all though it's already past 2am >_>; better go to sleep and save up new energy for a new day tomorrow!

Until next time, take care! ♥

Monday, September 19, 2011

Seoul so far ♥

So of course I didn't get to update my blog >3>; But now I have some time since I'm staying in a guesthouse in Hongdae for 3 days by myself before I'm going to my friend's place on the 21st. I was a bit scared to suddenly be by myself in the beginning after staying at my unni's place, but it's not that bad and you get to meet other people traveling too and so n_n

I already have over 200 pics from the past days, if you know me on facebook, you might have seen them there. I'll just choose a couple highlights since I don't want to picture spam (too much) >w<;

I'm too lazy to put watermarks on all the pics, so just in case: All pictures are taken and owned by me.
Theses pics are from Wednesday til Saturday which was my birthday ^^
Minzi's house where I stayed. So lovely ♥
And as I mentioned, they had some really cute dogs! I miss them :'( On my birthday, they came running into my room in the morning waking me up by jumping into my bed and start licking me X'D

Korean dinner! I love Korean food ♥
This was at Minzi's mom's restaurant. So good too!
These are from Myeongdong, one of the famous shopping districts in Seoul. There's a lot of nice shops, but it is also VERY crowded..! Especially in the weekends.

Potato peeled on a stick~
This is in Insadong, the traditional area of Seoul. All signs must be in Korean here, even the foreign shops and cafés such as Starbucks. Here, it's mostly Korean traditional stuff you get or souvenirs. And of course, there's Kpop souvenirs everywhere as well X'D
In 'the Rabbit's Mug' cafe in Kangnam area, which is popular for cafés and such. They had my favorite ice coffee with condensed milk ♥
And then some pics from my birthday :3 We went to Abgujeong and waited at a café for our friends to come. Afterwards we went to a drinking/eating place where we stayed for some hours, eating nice food and playing Korean drinking games. They had some really nice drinks! Kiwi-soju-juice was definitely the best ♥

This is a classic Korean drinking game where you have a glass of beer, and a shot glass inside the beer where people take turns pouring in soju. The one that makes the shot glass drop have to bottom up the whole glass of beer mixed with soju XP I got it once >_>;
And my awesome birthday cake that I got from Minzi's mom ;A: It was matcha (green tea) cake. Sooo good ♥
Afterwards we went to karaoke :P That was.. A lot a fun haha!!
That was it for now! And I'm offically 21 (2ne1 :P) yay! ♥ Or something.. I don't feel any older though haha, at least not my mental age XD

More pictures to come from the next days..! As I mentioned, I'm in Hongdae, an area popular for clubs and bars.

Stay tuned!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

While travelling.. First destination: Seoul!

Annyeong lovely readers..!

I'm still alive XD Sorry I have kinda abandoned my blog for a short while.. But I didn't feel like writing and finding anything blogging about either..!

Anyway! I'm currently in Seoul, Korea! I left Copenhagen Monday night and arrived in Korea today, Wednesday noon! The longest trip ever! 9 hours from CPH - Beijing → 7 hours of waiting in Beijing airport → 3 hours from Beijing to Tokyo → 12 hours of waiting in Narita (the longest 12 hours ever staying overnight in the airport. Not recommended unless you have hobo skillz/can sleep everywhere etc which I didn't have) → 2 hours from Tokyo to Seoul = 33 hour trip.
Yes ladies and gentlemen, I put this stupid trip together myself and waisted 19 hours of my life waiting... My talent is NOT in a Traveling Agency..
Beijing Airport
Anyway! Before I left Denmark, I had a little joint birthday dinner (me and lil sis) with my family, and I got a new camera lens from my cousins! Lovely lovely present, I love it soo much! ♥ I've wished for this lens for a long time and was actually planning on buying it when I got to Japan. So while waiting in Beijing Airport, I of course had to try it out! If anyone is interested in cameras it's a CANON EF 50mm f/1.8 II LENS XD
I'm no photographer but just enjoy taking pictures ^^

Tea shop
Maneki Neko - the fortune cat n_n
Tradition old Chinese wagon.. I guess..
Tea shop again XD
Resting area

My bag >3>;
My leggings...
Random person's shoes...
My nails..
OK sorry I got really bored waiting at the airport haha! I just love the pretty blur effect the lens makes ^^

I'll try blog more while I'm here in Asia since it might be more interesting (or not haha, we'll see). I'm staying at my sister Minzi's house right now. She has some cute dogs, I'll show some pictures of them later. They didn't like me at all when I just arrived, but after a bit time (and feeding them some snacks XD) I think at least the mother likes me lol XD Naaw ♥

I'm looking forward for these 10 days I'll be staying in Seoul! I'll try to blog about when I have time n_n