Friday, September 30, 2011

Don. Kihoute!

Today, I went to Don Kihoute! It's big department like shop where you can get pratically EVERYTHING! From makeup to snacks, expensive watches to cheap wigs and costumes.. You can basically get a lot of weird, funny and useful stuff in there. I feel it's kinda dangerous to go in there though, because of all the temptations haha!
I was amused, they even have the host-like pointy shoes!
All kinds of wigs!
The other day, I bought some lashes..! They have ALL the different brands and style that a gyaru could desire. But makes it pretty hard to choose as well.. I bought some upper and lower lashes. Haven't tried out the lower lashes yet. And then the most amazing stuff.. EYEBROW MASCARA X'D From Palty. I bought one from Etude House, but it was too dark and red compared to my hair color. But this one from Palty was PERFECT! They had it in 4 different shades, and I just took the lighest.
I usually have naturally black brows. I used to dye them once in a while but got kinda tired of it. No more need for bleaching your eyebrows with the eyebrow mascara! I must say that I really love it! ♥

And that's all for now. Moving into my apartment tomorrow! Excited >o</


  1. Cant wait to see a look with the lashes :) Please review the eyebrow mascara when you have time? ^^

  2. Haha Nice! xD I think If I went in there I would never leave again! XD Spend hour after hour there xD

  3. wahh so cool! I hope you keep up the posts in japan :)