Wednesday, October 5, 2011

*Palty Eyebrow mascara + Fairy lash & Princess girl eye lash REVIEW*

Palty Eyebrow Mascara
The other day, I bought the Palty eyebrow mascara. I've been thinking I wanted to try it for a long time, instead of bleaching one's eyebrows every month... My hair is currently dark blond, so I went for the lightest color they had (number one to the right).
The mascara brush is app. half the size of a regular mascara brush, which makes it easy to apply. However, I still needed a few try-out since it can still be a bit tricky (esp. for a newbie like me).

Let's go!
So this is my natural eyebrow color. I trimmed the eyebrows and shaped them before using the mascara (may look a bit uneven due to light etc)
Applied on one eyebrow. It's easy to notice the difference right? It fills out the empty spaces and defines your brow as well.
And applied on both eyebrows! Colored and more defined!
I had some trouble missing some brows and the product beginning to get a bit clumpy if applied too much. Guess I just need more practice! But otherwise I really like the product! If anyone else have tried it, please share your opinions ^^ 


 Rina Sakurai's Fairy Lash (lower) + Princess Girl DT-1 (upper)
 When buying these lashes, I was thinking to make a more natural 'gyaru' look. I've never tried any of the brands before, and the upper lashes (Princess Girl) was just a cheap 'no name' brand I guess. 
The fairy lashes (lower lashes) has and invisible band. I prefer lower lashes on a band rather than 'single' lashes.
Please refer to the pictures from the eyebrow mascara review for pictures before applying lashes.
I only applied a brown thin eyeliner and light shimmer eyeshadow in the inner corner of my eyes and a darker color on the outer crease for this look.
Lashes applied on one eye. I think they are quite noticeable. Especially the lower lashes.
Applied on both eyes.
 I really like these lashes! However I don't think they go that well together haha! I think the lower lashes might be a tat more dramatic than I thought, hence they seem to appear more than the upper lashes. I think the upper lashes might be good for a natural look, and the lower lashes for a more dramatic look. Otherwise you could layer the upper lashes for more volume. 
But I'll definitely try the lower lashes again with a more heavy makeup look.

 They were both easy to apply and comfortable as well. I almost didn't feel them at all and they didn't bother me.

 That's it for now! I'll try and buy another brand and style next time. Japan is really EYELASH HEAVEN ♥ (lol)



  1. Thanks for the review :D the eyebrow mascara looks great ^^ Love the lower lashes too~ So gyaru~!! <3

  2. I've always wondered what those things where when I've been in Japanese shops xD

    But that's such a good solution for people who has to color their eyebrows :D Sounds great as well!

    And I just loooove seeing with+without lash pictures of Asians *V* It's like pure magic!!
    And both upper and lover lash looks great on you :D And I actually quite like them together. Because the lower lashes are so "dramatic" they also makes your eyes appear bigger!