Friday, October 7, 2011

Shopping in Harajuku

Yay so today I went shopping in Harajuku! I really like Harajuku since they have a lot of different shops and styles. Especially a lot of cheap stores and secondhand stuff. If you're a bit short on money but still wanna go shopping, it's really great! I like Shibuya's 109 a lot, but it's still a bit too pricey for a poor student like me :/ So gotta save up some money or go to Harajuku instead :P

Right at the beginning to Takeshita street to the left, there's an accessory shop called 'Paris Kids'. They have a WHOLE lot of accessories and almost everything is only 315yen! I bought a small leftover bag with three earrings (105yen), and bought some kirakira stuff for my cellphone haha! And then I got those nails as well since I thought they were kinda cute.
Thereafter we came across a small shop called 'Momo Salon' where a lot of things were only 1000yen x_x There were a lot of shirts, cardigans, pullovers and other stuff. I just got this knit sweater. I need some warmer clothes since the weather is getting kinda cold and windy some days ;_:

Afterwards my friends told me about this apparently HUGE secondhand shop where everything was cheap. And I gotta say.. They had EVERYTHING! And it was really cheap as well! I know some people don't like secondhand stores for different reasons.. either you're a lover or a hater.. I'm definitely not the latter, I don't really mind n_n I love the feeling of looking through all the stuff and then finding something really nice (and cheap XD) ♥ It's like a small adventure haha!
Sadly we came kinda late, they were closing after an hour so we had to rush and decide what to buy! We could have stayed in there the whole day!! Definitely coming back again haha! But this is what I got:
Hotpants/overalls things.. I don't know what you call it ._. But I have been looking for some forever! And they had a whole lot to choose from! ^^ I must say I LOVE these! And especially the small details like the angel wings on the back pockets ♥ And luckily I could fit into them haha
I love this white coat soo much ;_: I wasn't sure I wanted to get it in the beginning, but now I'm really glad I did ♥ Doesn't look like much when hanging there (most clothes are like that I guess), but I'll get a picture of me wearing it sometime lol. I have a weakness for fluffy furry stuff, and I LOVE it on coats XD
I actually wanted to get a blazer but got this coat instead >.> It was soo lovely I just had to buy it! It's really elegant when you wear it since (as you can see on the folds on the back) it looks like a small dress ^^ Will take a better picture sometime.
And this. Yeah. Kinda off-category I would say X'D But I thought it was really cool. It has a rockisk feeling to it and actually looks pretty good when you wear it. It makes you look extra slim X'D You'll see! Good for casual wear and not too elegant as the two other coats n_n And it's really waaarm ♥

And you might wonder how much I had to pay? Well everything was 1,290yen each except the white coat which was 2,600 yen. Still so cheap! :O Well I'm really happy for my buys~
Almost forgot about these babies I bought the other day in Shibuya! ♥ I love them!

And that's was it! Gotta love shopping XD
Lol and random cellphone picture I took when waiting for the train..! I'm surprised by the good quality of it ._. didn't really expect much from a cellphone camera! I tried my new blue lenses today as well.. They are.. pretty vivid as you can see haha! Might be a bit too much for me, not gonna use it for everyday! I think they're cool for party and so on.. or cosplay :P They look.. really.. blue X'D


  1. Nice stuff! The white coat is really lovely, as well as the shoes *o* I like secondhand shops as well, but here around Aarhus it's almost only old ladies' clothing ;-; buh. *wanna go to JP*

  2. O-M-GGGAAARD!!! I love those boots *O* gimme gimme gimme!! I can't wait to go shopping with you in JP XD Seems like they offer alot of cheap awesome things i Shibuya :D

  3. Your stuff is O-M-G *O* They are so niiice! I love the overall/pant thingie (dunno what it is called either) and your Shoes! >w< I soo much want to go to Japan right now! Haha~~

  4. aweee the white coat is super adorable! I waaaant it now <33