Sunday, October 30, 2011


I'm sure many people are celebrating halloween this weekend. I'm usually always prepared for these kinds of events and plan my costume in advance and so on. But it was a liiiittle different this time as I wasn't sure whether I would attend any Halloween party at all, but in the end I decided to go and had to improvise a Halloween costume just before we left for the party!

Me and Juni left kinda late from home since the party was close, so we thought it wouldn't be a problem to get there in time. Boy, we were wrong! XD We had to switch trains once, but when we reached the station we had to switch at we kinda realized the last train already left a long time ago.. fucking fools.. lol
In the end we decided to walk by following the tracks, and fortunately for us, it only took about 40 min. When we were almost at our destination, we found a whole lit narrow street with remaining festival decorations. It looked really pretty, especially because most lights were out everywhere else and was kinda dark, so it almost looked magical!
On top of that it was a railway crossing, so I thought it could be fun to take some pictures on the tracks since I've never tried that before and it's illegal in Copenhagen to be on the tracks at any time...
Since I hate using flash and try to avoid it at anytime, I just set the ISO on max which is why all the pictures look kinda grainy. I kinda like the effect though since it makes it look a bit eerie and old. Well, it is Halloween after all!
 Really beautiful! I almost wished we had dressed up better so we could make a nice little photoshoot there♫
 My very just-in-minute Halloween makeup XD

The party was nice though the place was rather small and really crowded (dorm party), but it was a lot of fun and meeting new people is always interesting♫ I'm not gonna spam you with any drunk party picture though..

 On the way home we saw the sunset sky and it was all PINK and very beautiful. Hence we stopped up to take a picture lol
 There's a vegetable and fruit garden kinda where we live and we eyed this ripe sharon fruit that had been taking a bite of. I'm not sure whether it was because we were a bit drunk or not, but we found it kinda amusing haha!
 And that was the end of my Halloween.

I feel like my blog is slowly turning into a photo blog.. I guess it's kinda nice that it's starting to have a 'theme' since it has been quite messy and so on. I'm still gonna post a lot of random stuff just because that's how life is lol. But I'll probably make sure to supply it with this kind of photos from now on. 
Especially after I noticed Blogger's new update with photo gallery when you click big which looks really nice!

I hope you guys don't mind all the pictures. I would love to hear your opinions about the small change though (∩_∩)

I've been updating more frequently as well huh? XD I guess with my love for photography I also feel like I want to share it~♪

So I hope everyone has had a nice Halloween!

Thanks for looking! ♫


  1. Nice billeder med nice tøj *W*

    Bine siger: "Hobo Hopy!" X,D lol

  2. I am happy that you are taking pictures :] It nice to see all the things you are seeing throughout the day. The photos are lovely so I'll love to see more :] and like you said Blogger has the new image viewing thing which is nifty :]

    I am also happy you are updating more :D
    Out of all the blogs I am following you seem to update the most lately, which is nice :]

    Can't wait for the next update<3

  3. Woah .. for a quick costume, I must admit it looks fcuking awesome! You look like something out of a final fantasy game haha!

    I love the photos you've taken & the effect you've got on them. I love grainy pictures, makes them looka vintage-y! Be sure to post heaps of pictures from your day to day adventures, you have a very good eye for taking amazing shots in my opinion :)