Sunday, August 28, 2011

Purple Stars *nails*

Hello pretties~ ♥
I wanted to do my nails and got inspired by Bubz' Starry Night Nails tutorial that my lil' sis showed me ^_~
I don't think I've ever done any *serious* art thingie with my nails, so thought I'd give it a try. And this style was really easy! I just wished my nails were a bit longer and that I had some transparent polish with glitter like she used in the vid. But I tried with what I got, and I really like the result ♥ (o^−^o)
So this was what I used. 
  • I started with the white Snow from GOSH to brighten the nails and make them look cleaner ^^ 
  • Then I used the purple polish Blackberry Mash from Pieces and put some polish on a sponge and dabbed in on the tips of my nails. 
  • Thereafter I used the darker purple Lincoln Park After Dark from OPI and dabbed it a bit further out on the tips to create the gradient look. 
  • And then I finished off with the Merry Midnight from OPI purple glitter and dabbed that on with the sponge as well.
It's not the same soft gradient flow as in the video, but I kinda like the 'spray' like effect my sponge made.
I'll definitely do this more often in the future as it's simple and looks more interesting than just putting on regular nail polish. I might as well try it with nail tips some day with more accessories like rhinestones and stuff ヽ(*’-^*)。

Hope you liked σ(゚ー^*)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

♪Jasmine - Why♫

何か不満なまんま眠り zzZZ
冷めたような目つき 鏡にさえ嘘つき
毎日の嘘に 流されるように


探し合い 許し合い
WHY? … WHY? …

人間(ひと) いたわり合い
違いを 許し合い
人の涙 ふき
人の傷 悲しみ
遠くなってくから ねぇ


そんな答えなら いらない

Tomorrow is coming but I haven’t had enough sleep yet
Nothing will change as long as I don’t wake up
That cold look in my eyes in the mirror is just a lie
I am overwhelmed by the daily lies

I can’t cuddle up to anyone, ever if I embrace you
You are the same. There are some things we can’t say aloud
Even that future I once wished for, even those words I once vowed
And that meaningless hypocrisy; I erase them all

*Why did I choose this star? Why am I standing in this place?
Why do we accidently hurt each other, search for each other and forgive each other?
Why do I make mistakes every day? Why does love fade away?
Why? ...Why? ...I repeat, “Why?”

People care for each other and forgive each others’ differences
They pass each other and talk together until dusk
Wiping away the tears and feeling sorrow for other people’s wounds
Singing together and dancing for no reason
Those things are fine but whenever we become adults
We grow distant. Hey, I don’t want you to forget


“Nothing will change even if I try to speak.”
“It's a bother to even think about stuff.”
Shut up!
If that’s your answer then I don’t wanna hear it
What should I do? Hey, what should I do?
I don’t want to run away anymore
I don’t want to betray anyone anymore


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The end of Summer

I can't believe we're soon at the end of August.. Not much sunshine here :(
I'm busy packing up my stuff so I can move back to my parents - and then of to Japan! It's in less than a month.. I'm not really sure how I feel about.. 3½ months don't sound like much but I still feel unsure about a lot of things. I'm sure things will work out, but I can't help panicking a bit.. I'm stressing too much I know (;≧皿≦)
However Maria told me she will visit in November, which I'm really excited about!! O(≧∇≦)O We're gonna have soo much fun!

I haven't been doing much this summer.. Half of it was dedicated to summer school, and of course all the sun decided to shine in July -_-; Otherwise I'm trying to hang out with all my friends before I'm leaving. Gonna miss all you guys! (  ゚,_ゝ゚)

This sunday was 'Asian Sunday' again \(○^ω^○)/ I told you about it once before. Meeting up with a lot of friends and cook a hell lot of food XD We'll usually meet up at 3-ish in the afternoon and just eat into the night~ This sunday was 'Korean Night', so my friend Minzi and her mom made a lot of Korean dishes (☆▽☆)
Korean pancakes
And no Korean food without Soju of course σ(゚ー^*) (Korean distilled beverage). Though I really can't drink that stuff.. It's like taking Vodka shots which I'm really not a fan of >.< Later when everyone was kinda drunk and full from food and wine, we decided to go karaoke to keep up the good old Asian tradition.. (★ ̄∀ ̄★) I got really drunk somehow.. 
I'm pretty sure Bai Jou (Chinese rice wine - 54% alcohol!?) was the cause... it tastes like sh*t... Anyway I'm never gonna mix soju, white wine, bai jou, whiskey, vodka and fisherman again! Neverrrr (never say neverrr *bieber fever*) (x_x;)
But it was lots of fun even though I felt pretty sick the whole next day...

And some random head-shots from the past days XD
As you can see the grey faded out kinda fast :( I have to bleach it more for next time. But I still really like this color ^^ Sadly my Asian black-hair DNA is fighting it.. although it has only been one month since I bleached it I already have like 1½ cm black roots! (,,#゚Д゚)/ *whine whine*
Yes I don't have much to talk about right now XD Gonna get some food and then meeting up with Maria so we can go to dance practice~ (*´∀`*)ゞ 

Thanks for looking! (∩_∩)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Autumn/Midsummer Makeup Tutorial

Last month I made a little makeup tutorial per request for a danish lolita online magazine. The theme was midsummer/fairies and other magical stuff. I tried to make it simple and focus on the warm midsummer colors.
Hope you like it! ♥ 
(click big)
I found some glitter kira-kira brush tools and went a bit crazy sorry (’-’*)

And it's nice being home from vacation! I must admit Turkey wasn't my favorite holiday destination.. It was toooo hot! And the markets were waaay more expensive than I thought D: So I didn't buy that much.. I might write a bit about it in the next post, but yeah. I was not impressed so on the other hand I might not haha! Oh well.. 

Enjoy! ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Just a quick update!

I'm finally done with summer school so now I officially have vacation!! Yay!! I'm actually waiting for my parents to come and pick me up so we can go to Turkey hehe.. So just thought I'd make a little update since I hate waiting and just get really restless ._.

Yesterday I went to Genki con (Danish Japan anime/manga convention) for a couple of hours. It was really nice to see my (mustache crib) friends and we always have fun and do silly things XD Yaaay summer vacation is meant for seeing friends right?? I'm just sad I can't be there the whole weekend.. aaaw :( But I'll hopefully get to see them again before I go to Japan (∩_∩)

Later on I went to Jeongie's birthday party.. PARTY ROCK!! d(=w=)b It was super fun and we danced sooo much that I think everyone's bodies are hurting today >w< Rocking da dance floooor~

And something for you guys that Lina posted and I've been listening to on replay......... (Iknowyouwillloveit ♥)

I LOVE HER!!! ♥ X'DDDD Super adorable!! Super weird kinda bizarre video!! Super addictive kawaii song!! ♥ trolololo~! Ok I'm getting restless.. better end this post before I write more random sh*t.... X'D

I'm not sure if I'll be blogging in Turkey..! So byyyeee and see you again in a week σ(゚ー^*)