Sunday, August 28, 2011

Purple Stars *nails*

Hello pretties~ ♥
I wanted to do my nails and got inspired by Bubz' Starry Night Nails tutorial that my lil' sis showed me ^_~
I don't think I've ever done any *serious* art thingie with my nails, so thought I'd give it a try. And this style was really easy! I just wished my nails were a bit longer and that I had some transparent polish with glitter like she used in the vid. But I tried with what I got, and I really like the result ♥ (o^−^o)
So this was what I used. 
  • I started with the white Snow from GOSH to brighten the nails and make them look cleaner ^^ 
  • Then I used the purple polish Blackberry Mash from Pieces and put some polish on a sponge and dabbed in on the tips of my nails. 
  • Thereafter I used the darker purple Lincoln Park After Dark from OPI and dabbed it a bit further out on the tips to create the gradient look. 
  • And then I finished off with the Merry Midnight from OPI purple glitter and dabbed that on with the sponge as well.
It's not the same soft gradient flow as in the video, but I kinda like the 'spray' like effect my sponge made.
I'll definitely do this more often in the future as it's simple and looks more interesting than just putting on regular nail polish. I might as well try it with nail tips some day with more accessories like rhinestones and stuff ヽ(*’-^*)。

Hope you liked σ(゚ー^*)


  1. Ahwww It looks totally cool!*Q* I would try it out too (:

  2. I saw that tutorial and been wanting to do it forever but ... i keep forgetting to do it ><
    but it looks super good <3

  3. THIS.IS.SO.NOM : DDDD <3 Gotta try it out some day I have nail polish~~