Sunday, November 27, 2011

Odaiba and Fall in Kodaira

Rainbow Bridge
I went to Odaiba, Tokyo, a small Island just a couple of minutes away from Tokyo or Shimbashi station. You take a monorail to get out their which is really beautiful as you get a really nice view♫ 
Mango Coconut Bubble Tea ♥
Goi Cuon - Vietnamese fresh springrolls
Pho - Vietnamese noodle soup
I haven't had Vietnamese food for months which I reallyyyyy miss.. So I was sooo happy when I saw you could get some Vietnamese dishes at one of the restaurants ♥
Odaiba was all decoed up for Christmas lol. It was really pretty! Especially at night ( ̄▽ ̄)

Rainbow Bridge at night♫

Pretty Christmas tree ♥
I've been to Odaiba before, but not at night time yet which was really pretty! I rode the ferris wheel they had out there as well and looking down on the city that looks like an ocean of stars is just... (* ̄o ̄*)


Welcome Autumn. by ~Haych on deviantART

It's the end of November and it seems like Fall only just arrived in Tokyo! All the trees are turning yellow or red and it's really pretty~♥

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

*GETS* Japan so far

So here's my long awaited GET post! ( ^ _ ^)∠☆

I won't show you EVERYTHING lol, but just some of my favs ( ´ ▽ ` ) I've bought a bunch of awesome stockings and so on, but it's kinda difficult to show >n<

Anyways, let's get on with the post! My favorite shopping place is definitely Harajuku lol since I'm so cheap and Shibuya.

I'll start with the shoes~ 
Both from Harajuku.
Momo, Harajuku (2500yen)
I love these boots a lot! They remind of some I have at home a lot though lol, but I'm a sucker for those kind of designs ( ̄▽ ̄) They are comfortable to wear and easy to walk in. They don't look that tall, but they are around 8cm.
Harajuku (1500yen)
This design is pretty popular in Japan right now. The school girl kinda look but high heel design. I wasn't sure I liked them in the beginning, but they look kinda cool and classy in shiny black, so I completely fell for them lol! Maria bought the same pair just in matte brown~
Maria insisted we should wear them a whole day. After 20 min they hurt so much we both ran out to buy flats LOL
Momo, Harajuku (2500yen)
My new fav bag ♥ It's not too big, not too small, even fits my DSLR camera, wallet AND makeup bag. PERFECT! lol
109, Shibuya (2500yen)
Wine/Dark red is totally in this fall/winter I noticed. And luckily, wine red just became my new fav color LOL
This bag fits EVERYTHING lol. It's really nice if you need to bring an extra shirt or something since it can contain sooo much. I like the dusty rockish design it has ♫
SPICA, 109, Shibuya (1990yen)
Long slim shirt/dress.
Secondhand, Harajuku (630yen each)
Leopard skirt and fluff hot pants. I know the fluffy shorts aren't that popular anymore, but I still think they look pretty cute lol ♥
Shibuya (1890yen)
Super comfortable oversize shirt ♥ Found it in a small shop in the small streets of Shibuya. A really cute and nice old couple owned the store and they were so nice aaw. Defintely coming back hehe♫ I love walking in the small streets and kinda go on adventure~♪
JSG, 109, Shibuya (5600yen)
One of my fav sweaters! Though not too warm with the whole in the back lol! And I'm not really into the cat ear stuff, but I loved the design so much i didn't care this time lol. I love the detail with the star accessory in the back as well. Look hella sexy lol!!
Momo, Harajuku (1000yen)
I love this oversized top so much! I really like the laze back~
Momo, Harajuku (1500yen)
At first thought, I didn't think this shirt would be my style at all. But then at second thought - I'm really a sucker for lacy/see-through/special backs lol! ♥ And I'm loving this shirt. I was soooo happy I found it♫ I'm using it with a top underneath or as a cardigan~
Harajuku (2000yen)
One of my first boughts in Japan actually! can't remember shop name sorry Lovely cardigan, but apparently I'm too fat for it or something cause I can't close the buttons (T_T) But I still it a lot, especially the detail with the whole for the thumb lol. I love shirts with that ♥
Shonen Jump, Landmark Plaza, Yokohama (1800yen)
And yes I'm a total otaku lol! I LOVE chopper from One Piece! He's my current no. 1 character O(≧∇≦)OI can't help it. He's just too cute lol! ♥
Ok and I bought A LOT of accessories. I mostly wear silver as you can see ^^;

Forever 21: 1, 3, 12, 13, 15. (290~590yen)
Claire's: 2 & 6 (~300yen)
Paris Kids: 5, 8, 9, 11, 14 (315yen)
The rest from Korea lol (4, 7, 10)
And then I actually bought some gold accessories as well~
Necklace from Paris Kids, Earring from Claire's, and the rest from Forever 21. (290yen~590yen)

Almost at the end!

Don Quijote ドンキホーテ (3000yen)
Bought a curling iron since my flattening iron doesn't really work in Japan and I use that for curls usually.. I love the pink design ♥ And it warms up super fast!
My last buy is one of my absolute favs.

Perfume!! lol ♫
I absolutely LOVE this perfume! The fragrant is soooo nice I'm already addicted! And the price is really reasonable as well *Q* I was looking at some different from the same Samourai brand that smelled pretty nice as well. But this one was the absolute winner! It's a kinda fresh rosery-flower smell. I'm not really into the sweet or heavy kinda perfumes, so this one was perfect for my! Freshness~♫

I'm definitely gonna go back and buy other perfumes loooool. Been looking at a Vivianne Westwood as well~

And that's the end! I must admit I haven't shopped that much at once before! Wow I almost got scared lol. I didn't get everything at once of course. But last week was definitely an extreme shopping week with Maria ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

I went on a date to Odaiba yesterday (ノ´∀`*)ノIt was sooo pretty~

Well what I wanted to say was, I'm gonna show you some pretty pictures next time (^_~)☆

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Rocking Japan with Maria♫

This past week has been super awesome! But kinda hectic as well which is why I haven't had time to update. 

Aaaand as the super awesome blogger I am, I'm gonna sum it all up in ONE post lol. almost

You already know what this means right??? 

Yes yes awesome picture spam!! ♥

My friend Maria came to Japan and stayed at my place for a week as I mentioned earlier♫ She just took the flight home this morning straight after two days in a row of clubbing.. Hardcore girls.. I'm totally beat btw

We kinda did shopping half of the time though, and we bought LOADS of stuff.. I was kinda scared. In a few days my kinda big, empty room turned into CHAOS and EXPLOSION of stuff. And that picture was only the beginning (゚Д゚|||) taken by Maria!!

But in a good way lol! I'm gonna make a *get* post soon.

We decided to do shopping every other day and then sightseeing in between! 

The first day Maria arrived, I took her to Shinjuku to look around a bit and get a bit to eat~ A short day to settle down a bit and everything♪
Maria wanted to do PuriKura EVERY day, but obviously it didn't happen lol! But still got to do it 3 times ♥

Was all shopping! We went to Harajuku and planned to walk to Shibuya afterwards if there was enough time, but we ended up spending the whole day there lol. wait for get post♫
The first purikura~

Was all Otakus' day! So we dressed up kinda nerdy and went to Otaku-land a.k.a. Akihabara/Akiba. We actually started in Ikebukuro as I heard they had Butler-cafés there which seemed more interesting than the usual Maid-cafés. But as my navigation skills are usually pretty low and I haven't been in Ikebukuro that much we pretty much failed and ended up going to Akihabara after 1 hour lol.
We took a walk around Akiba and into some of the big anime/game shops. Which almost gave us both an heart attack lol! I've already been in Akiba and knew about all the echi stuff but.. still.. It was just REALLY 'randomly' placed (at least for us gaijins) and on the same floor there would be a small section of hentai in the middle of everything and then RIGHT next to that very innocent anime/hello kitty stuff (*゜Д゜*) 

So we went through all the stores randomly giggling when running head first into all the echi hentai OR fangirling in the fangirl ikemen section〜(m~-~)ノ

After that we killed some time in an Arcade/Game center failing at Dance Dance Revolution and Zombie Killing ヘ(^_^ヘ)(ノ^_^)ノ

But it was a looot of fun and then we ended with the Purikura of the day♥

We went to Korean Town in Shin-Okubo to get some lunch. We walked around a bit and then got some delicious Korean street food♥ Afterwards we went to Shibuya to look in 109. However after massive shopping in Harajuku where stuff is much cheaper as well, we didn't buy that much..
After 109 we walked around the streets in Shibuya which are always so lively at night. We went exploring and found some small cute shops as well♫
And of course ended with PuriKura again! But totally failed the 'send to cellphone' part so didn't get the pictures this time (  ゚,_ゝ゚)
 But we took a picture together on Maria's Iphone though~♥

 Going to Yokohama again! But this time we visited China Town as wellO(≧∇≦)O
Stone-faced me lol
 I must admit I just love Yokohama more and more~♥ I was really excited to see China Town actually and eating a big Chinese meat bun X'D which I also got to do lol

Stylish Maria in new clothes XD
Cute school kids!!
 We met up with Rebecca and Alex again and walked around in China Town. The first thing I noticed was all the PANDA stuff they had!! (O_O;)
 Seriously, Panda EVERYWHERE!!
 Pande store where you could get ANYTHING with Panda.
Chubakah-looking panda on a bike @_@
 Even Panda buns!!
 Shampoo!! I think

 Veeeery pretty and nice! And there was Chinese food and Bubble Tea everywhere lol!

 Afterwards we went into Landmark Plaza where they apparently had a One Piece event. So there was One Piece posters, banners, figures and stuff everywhere! And I LOOOOVE Chopper from One Piece so I was super excited and ran around to find the Chopper figure lol
Found iiiiit!!!
 I bought a Chopper T-shirt as well X'D ♥ Will show you in the get post haha
 It was really pretty and they even had a giant Christmas tree inside!!
 Both inside and outside was decorated with christmas lights which made walking outside really beautiful! It gets dark around 5pm already so we didn't have to wait for the dark very long lol.

 Soooo pretty!! *A*
 I was soo happy that I brought my camera that day! I didn't really get to use my camera much the days before since it was mostly shopping. But with the illumination.. I didn't regret a second bringing my kinda heavy camera♥
 Aaaw it's soooo romantic!! I really wanna go on a date there lol!♥

Christmas in Japan is all for couples, and I must say that they do a LOT to create all the romantic spots and creating the atmosphere *sigh*♥

was a kinda chill day where we went shopping a bit in Harajuku and Shibuya again to make sure Maria got everything she wanted.. We went into the big Forever21 store in Shibuya and killed a lot of time in there *cough* lol
We joined up with some friends later and just enjoyed the day~

We went to Asakusa in the afternoon and relaxed for an hour in an onsen/public bath. We were actually kinda the only ones at the time we came which was really nice (*´ο`*) Super relaxing!

Afterwards we walked around Sensouji and down the small streets with all the shops which was really nice and pretty~
After Asakusa we had to hurry home and get ready for... 

wait for it..
unpredictable right???

We met up with some of my friends for pre-party and then went to Roppongi for clubbing at Fbar.
Liz, Maria, me♫
Girls' night yay!♥

hungover lol. 

Well, since it was Maria's last day we had to do SOMETHING! But her flight was Sunday morning (today) so I thought it would be a bad idea doing another all-nighter. I was wrong. XD

We went out eating dinner and then met up with my friends from Yokohama again and warmed up at a bar. We planned to just take the last train home around 12 so none of us were really dressed up or anything. BIG MISTAKE!
We had sooo much fun that Maria decided she wanted to join for clubbing and then go straight to the airport afterwards! (,,#゚Д゚)
I must admit I was kinda tired and hungover still.. But it's not like I really had a choice lol!!

Sooo.. we went clubbing again! and I was totally beat after a couple of hours ((T.T; )(; T.T))
But it was still a lot of fun and Maria had a blast of a last day in Japan so everything was good lol. 

And that was it! *phew* must be my longest post to date
 Feels like I did more this week than the whole past month lol.

Thanks for reading this far!! Really.
Aaaand at last~
Maria and Hopy relaxing~ ( ̄▽ ̄)