Friday, November 11, 2011


The other day I went to Yokohama to visit Rebecca and Alex~♫ I came around 2-ish where Rebecca came and picked me up from the station and then we just walked around (o^∇^o) 

The atmosphere in Yokohama is a lot different than from Tokyo. It's Japan's second largest city next to Tokyo,  but everything seems really calm and relaxing compared to crowded and busy metropolitan Tokyo.

On top of that it's surrounded by water which makes it extra beautiful, especially at night!! 

 Very pretty ferris wheel~♥ 

Me and Rebecca~♫

 We went to the Pokémon store as well!! Waah it was so cool!! (yes im a pokémon fan) And they even designed the cash desk as a Pokemon center O(≧∇≦)O But everything was of course super expensive (  ゚,_ゝ゚)

After that we went to the Minatomirai tower, the currently highest building in Japan. You got a super nice view of the city and they kinda made it into a perfect dating-spot lol ( ´∀`) You could buy small notes and write a little lovers-notice on and then tie it to a big heart ♥

Afterwards we met up with some of Rebecca and Alex's friends and went to an izakaya.

Really nice city! I didn't go to China Town in Yokohama this time but will probably go next week with Maria who comes tomorrow and stays at my place for a week!! Tanoshimi~♫


and I made a new header again lol.. Not sure how well it goes with the bg though ( ̄~ ̄;)


  1. Yokohama looks beautiful :] I love the pictures you took as well, the ferris wheel is a definite must to go on :] Even with the pictures you took, you can tell how different it is from Tokyo. Can't wait for your next post!

    Your header looks really pretty, perfect for the winter~ I think the background doesn't look bad, it's more the warm colors (the red and orange) that are throwing it off.

  2. Aww Ferris wheel.. looks so high but so pretty~ It looks like a really nice and calm place, I might write it to my places I want to visit list~ ★

    and Pokemon store?! ♥ OMG how awesome! *^* I envy much~ keke~

    Your header/layouts are always so sparkle spakle haha, it's cute ^__^ I like it~ ♥

  3. Yokohama looks so pretty! I wanna visit one day ♥3♥ !

    I like your new header, i think it gives off a cosy and wintery atmosphere :D