Sunday, November 27, 2011

Odaiba and Fall in Kodaira

Rainbow Bridge
I went to Odaiba, Tokyo, a small Island just a couple of minutes away from Tokyo or Shimbashi station. You take a monorail to get out their which is really beautiful as you get a really nice view♫ 
Mango Coconut Bubble Tea ♥
Goi Cuon - Vietnamese fresh springrolls
Pho - Vietnamese noodle soup
I haven't had Vietnamese food for months which I reallyyyyy miss.. So I was sooo happy when I saw you could get some Vietnamese dishes at one of the restaurants ♥
Odaiba was all decoed up for Christmas lol. It was really pretty! Especially at night ( ̄▽ ̄)

Rainbow Bridge at night♫

Pretty Christmas tree ♥
I've been to Odaiba before, but not at night time yet which was really pretty! I rode the ferris wheel they had out there as well and looking down on the city that looks like an ocean of stars is just... (* ̄o ̄*)


Welcome Autumn. by ~Haych on deviantART

It's the end of November and it seems like Fall only just arrived in Tokyo! All the trees are turning yellow or red and it's really pretty~♥

Thanks for looking!


  1. Wow all these pictures really make me miss Japan! Your skills have also improved so much Hopy! I really like your Odaiba pictures a lot! <3

  2. Wow it looks so pretty! And great photography <3

  3. Pretty pictures indeed! I love the decorations in Odaiba! ;w; They are so pretty~

  4. I aven't been to Odaiba actually but it looks like a great place to go around christmas ♥ It's amazing how japanese people seem to love christmas deco a lot haha.

  5. Your pictures are so gorgeous, and I love all the Christmas lights! I wish things looked like that over here -__- lol

  6. omg such gorgeous pictures T_T and food porn. -dies-

  7. Oh, my. I really would love to see that! It's beautiful! - Why don't people here deco up for Christmas like that .__. (Everything is getting pimp'd up for the King's BD on the 5th though) Looks so amazingly freaking jkslejdls - waaah ; A ;
    also really romantic, and hell yeah Viet food is so GOOD. Don't catch a cold! :3