Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sparkling Fallen ☆

I cut my bangs...............!

And I'm not all sure how I like it yet lol....

I went to yet another live the other day (isthattheonlythingyouaredoinginJapan!?), but I'm not gonna spam you with too many pictures this time.. since the lightning at the place was pretty bad as well, so most of the pictures turned out quite.... bad.... (so I'm gonna put some camwhore pics up instead lol)

You know the feeling when you REALLY look forward for something and you feel like a little kid again going to Disneyland for the first time?? (or s.t. similar) And you have been soo excited the days up until the day, and then when the day finally comes it's turns out to be the biggest disappoint ever??

Yes yes that was actually a bit like how that day turned out, but I'm not gonna go into details.. I kinda just felt like someone slapped me in the face and make me wake up from my little fantasy dream.. ;_; Though I should have known that nothing is as perfect as you think it to be and happy endings just don't always come true!!

I'm gonna stop my negative emo ramble now sorry. I just needed to let it out a bit haaaaah......
I did my nails the other day~
Not all perfect but I really liked the outcome and the colors together.. and soo kirakira sparkling yay~♫

But I wished I had time to take an outfit picture 'cause for once I really planned my outfit and really liked the outcome >n< Waaah.. what a fail day lol.....

But nothing SHOPPING can't save a bit!! The next day i met up with a friend and we went to 109 to do some shopping♫ I didn't get much since I'm still saving for a bigger shopping with Maria when she comes next week ^o^/

I'll show you my gets another time~

Btw if anyone is interested, I updated my deviantART account. Please feel free to check it out, and if you have deviant too, please add me!! ヾ(^∇^)

Japan inspires me a lot to be more creative, and I even picked up drawing again. It feels great, I must admit ♥ And I guess the fail day the other day made me realize that I should just stick to doing what I'm 'best' at.. When you don't know what to do, do what you can do~

I didn't plan this update to be so confusing sorry!! XD I promise next update will be more focused haha!

And thanks a lot for the comments on the past update!!! I'm glad you like the photos, it means a lot!!


  1. You're so sexy with bangs, girl! <3
    Love the nails! So sparkling weeeeih! let's do nails together when you come home, yes? ^^

    Aw, sorry to hear about the bad day! :( Hope you're okay now!
    Take care! xx

  2. I love the bangs, you look good with them and without them :]

    Hope things get better<3

  3. I looove your bangs <3 I wish my bangs would look so thick >3<
    Im so jalous of you and Jeongie being to good at doing nails. I guess im only good at buying them.. haha XD anywhoo~ can't wait to go crazy with you in Japan next week. Can't believe it's so sooon now :D

  4. Your bangs look pretty.
    I had straight bangs at a time, but got so bored of them I grew them out into side bangs again xD
    Your nails look really cute and cant wait to see your gets.

  5. i love your nails ^^ U look so pretty with bangs :)

  6. Love your nails :O So sparkly... tutorial please? ^^ hehe... Ahhh love the bangs! Checking your deviantart now.... love love love it~ you're so artistic :D

  7. Nice bangs :)
    Went on your DA and faved some of your works (I am )

  8. new to your blog! LOVE your nails! did you do them yourself?! do mine plz!!! lol.