Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Gatsby Aqua Silver

An update to show you the outcome of my hair. And I'll review the dye Gatsby Aqua Silver that I used (∩_∩)

I was plain stupid and only bought one package since I thought it was enough for my hair as it usually is. Though this was already for men, so I kinda wondered if they purposely would put less product in as most men have shorter hair.. So of course in the middle of dying I realized I did NOT have enough even though I desperately tried to squeeze out the last drop of product and convince myself that there was enough.. /fail
This is how the package looks like. My hair, as you might have seen from last post, was something between the middle orange and the yellow. And a very little part was white from previous bleaching, and according to the color chart, white would turn a bit violet. 
The dye changes color really fast after putting it into your hair. I left it for approximately 20-30 min as it said on the product and washed it out. No conditioner followed, but it didn't seem dry. I used my own color conditioner though.

↓   ↓   ↓

Pretty uneven!! But that was due to my own stupidity, so I don't blame the product XD It kinda changes color in different lightning. Sometimes it looks more greyish while it other times just turn plain LIGHT ASH BROWN like the picture to the right. Oh and you might have noticed the small streaks of violet in the right picture.. It's not THAT violet, but has a bit of violet reflexion, while it's actually just silver.. but in combination with the ash brown.. it just looks weird (。_゜)

But I'm not THAT sad at all! I like it better than the yellow, far more! I really like the color in some of the stripes where it's actually plain GREY. But just annoyed I didn't buy two packages.. However, somehow my old light ash brown extensions matches now haha! 
But I admit it's far from perfect.. And the worst part is, that the yellowness still shines through.. a lot.. which is why I bought THIS → SILVER SHAMPOO! please work
It won't arrive before next week though so I have to be patient..

Fun fact: I look more tanned now XD And if I don't look ganguro, I will definitely do after my one week beach vacation in Turkey in two weeks time ~(=^・・^)
I'm not giving up on EVEN grey hair though! But I'll wait till I go to Japan though, since it's easier and cheaper to get the product there ( ´∀`)

Ok that was it! Btw, your hair doesn't smell like DYED HAIR after using it like other hair dyes tend to do (●>v<●)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Blonde Blonde Blonde (monkey)

Soo.. while waiting for my grey/silver hair-dye to arrive, I'm still, temporary blonde |・ω・`) It's kinda fun though n_n; But still too yellowish for my taste, so looking forward to pick my dye up.. tomorrow! Yay finally!

Anyways, I did I quick rokku-gal hair-up-do for a little picnic meetup.. I tried to twist my hair on the side, but it was kinda difficult and I didn't notice the visible bobby-pin .. fail ;_: And no extensions atm either (yes, life is soo cruel lol j/k)
And this was actually the same outfit I used for the picnic, just for a friend's birthday n_n; Lazy much...

Well, so I just wanted to show you...

Ok no, my life is plain boring right now XD And the weather has been super sucky rainy rainy much lately.. (ÓnÒ)/ Please come back summerrrr....

Hope you're enjoying your summer more than me Ô__Ô/ Or.. enjoy cute baby in monkey pajama XD I do!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ash Grey hair?

Hi gals~ ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Not much happening around here - only - I finally pulled myself together to buy that plane ticket to Japan! Wooo! (ノ´∀`*)ノ Or actually... it's not so great right now since I'm more than broke.. But I guess you have to suffer a bit before you can experience the great stuff right? I still need to buy the plane ticket from Tokyo to Seoul, but I can't afford that before next month and the prices are kinda crazy right now, so i guess it's better to wait anyway!

I still need to buy some other things, but budget is tight so i have to stretch it as much as possible.. I just need to remind myself that I can buy a lot of more incredible stuff in Korea and Japan! (_ー_)

And to the topic of this post (sorry for being boooring XD) - I'm in the process of dying my hair since my roots began to get a bit too much.. Even my dad who hates the fact that I dye my "natural pretty black asian hair" commented on my roots and asked if it wasn't time to do something about it! I was shocked.. (O_O;) If your super conservative dad commented on your roots I guess it's time to dye your hair!

So I've been thinking about what I wanted to do. Obviously not the two-toned hair again. It was nice for a while but meh.. I'm kinda tired of the yellowish/orange tone I ALWAYS have (ノ´_ゝ`)ノ I prefer the more ashy/greyish matte tone which is what I want to achieve this time! Though.. the colors you can purchase in the Danish shops don't really satisfy my need.. I actually kinda had that color in part of my hair already once →

Anyways as always, I have to bleach the shit out of my hair before doing anything.. so right now I'm looking like the above while I'm thinking about what to do. You might think "it's not THAT bad" but I promise you it looks worse than on the picture! ヾ(*д*)ノ゛ I'll buy a *silver dye* tomorrow which will hopefully get the yellow tones out.
I want something like the above pictures ↑↑↑ I don't mind for a darker greyish color, as long as it's not yellow! But I bet it won't turn out anything like that lol! Well we'll see! ( ̄x ̄)

Oh yeah, and before I forget - last month, I bought my first long summer dress! And bonus - it was really cheap and pretty (you wouldn't dream of how cheap I am....)! That dress and necklace (+ a hoodie I needed) is actually the only things I've bought since the summer sale began last month. I must say I'm proud of myself haha! (゜∇ ゜)

*sigh* going to school in the summer isn't as bad as I thought, but still a bit tiring.. And I must say I'm a bit anxious about Japan.. I'll leave in mid-September and return in mid-December - just before Christmas! I hope I'll be able to meet a lot of people and get some new friends (人´∀`*) Otherwise it's a bit sad..... (。-_-。)/

Well that's it for now! I'll show you my new hair in next post (⌒▽⌒)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

☼ SummerCon ☼

This weekend was one of the best I've had so far! It was soo niice that even the awful monsoon rain thunder weather couldn't ruin it!

To be honest, I've never been much of a anime/manga convention person. Although I've been to a couple of cons, I never felt the 'longing' or urge to go back or something like that. I always feel the cons are too crowded and I just walk around with no purpose ._.

However, I wanted to see my friends that I haven't seen for ages soo much and noticed a small convention was held this weekend - so I decided to go. I asked my friend Zuum what she was going to cosplay, and she and another friend Lea were going to cosplay from a series called Code Geass (which is btw super awesome), so I really wanted to tag along and borrowed a cosplay from Lea since I didn't have time to make one myself (thaaaank you sooo much ♥)
Lea as C.C., Zuum as Shirley and me as Kallen ♥
This con was different as it was rather small. Not much was planned and I was a bit skeptical in the beginning as they told us we basically should make our own 'fun'. But! It actually worked! Since it was small it wasn't crowded as usual and you were actually able to meet and talk with people. And a got to know Line and Lina  better as well, they are sooo nice and cute girls TTwTT We also played a lot of games which was a lot of fun ♥
Kallen (Code Geass)
Picture taken by Zuum, edited by me
And no real cosplay without a photoshoot haha! Line, Zuum, Lea and me went out to take a little photoshoot in our cosplays ^_^
 This is Line-chan! She is soo cute, was soo enthusiastic about taking pictures of us haha
She took this picture of me o.o She said she might not be a very good photographer but she was good at editing. Yep, she proved she was, looking really good ô.ô
And I just love the second picture of me and Zuum ♥ Nomnomnom choco cream balls for lunch!! (not XD)

Sunday I just came as myself XD You might have noticed the new header? I personally really like it haha! It's from a little shoot me, Zuum and Lea did for fun as Lea ended up sleeping over at my place due to the traffic chaos the monsoon and lightning had caused. Which resulted in me dressing her up!! 

Too Cool to Stay in School XD

Sexy Lea~
Pretty Zuum ♥
Pictures taken be me and Zuum, edited by me.

We also got a looooot of pictures taken be a pro photographer Ali. He is super talented and skillful - I love his style and his pictures!! And he is a super fun and cool person as well ! I'll put some up when I get them (∩_∩)v
Zuum, Ali and Lea
Thanks for an awesome convention!! It was really nice and I was actually a bit sad when it all ended.. I hope to see all you awesome guys again that made this con unforgettable ♥

Woops!! Gotta hurry to Summer School!! Bye!! ♥