Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"I like to dream~" o (◡‿◡✿)

Sorry for random post title lol!

This will mainly be some food/snack porn picture spam! (just doesn't sound right)

I received my parcel that I sent from Japan over 2 months ago the other day. It contained mostly a lot of snacks I bought! But of course i didn't expect it to take over 2 months.. luckily I mostly bought dried snacks only!!
A lot of stuff ne?? It almost felt like a time travel looking at all the stuff again ô.ô As you can see, there's also two perfumes, hair dye, nails and face masks.

Do you see the orange box with the cup? It's a package for making cup-muffins in the microwave! I found it at a 100yen shop and thought it was really funny! So I bought it to try it out, but I still haven't tried it yet.. You just need to put an egg in, mix it and put it in the microwave for a couple of minutes. Sounds kinda weird but I'm still kinda excited to try it haha!
I love how their snacks usually have a cute design! It makes you happy by just looking at it (*≧▽≦)
I bought this at the airport. It's REALLY sweet though, but I'm sure it goes well with some tea!
Dried spicy squid snack ♥

Oh and I went to my cousin's 14-year-old birthday the other weekend, and she made this amazing rainbow cake!! Waah it was super awesome!! We were all super amazed and surprised when she cut the cake haha

I was really excited when I saw my mom had bought a red avocado!! I've seen partially brownish/red avocados but never a whole red one!! (I excited by the most weird stuff sorry XD)
Jeongie called it a Love-avocado lol. I found that really funny! I just ate it today so i hope something special will happen *(*´∀`*)☆

Ok sorry for the random post haha! But since i haven't blogged for a while and it's the 29th of February (special day waaah), I felt like I needed to (゜▽゜;)
Well my life is still only about school, J-dramas and workout.. not very interesting..
But I'm thinking I'll make a list of my top 10 favorite Japanese actors in next post.. just.. because (•ิ_•ิ)

And at last... BIGBANG COMEBACK YAY! ♥

Friday, February 17, 2012

*:.。.Playing in the Snow.。.:* [photoshoot]

☆*:.。. A small photoshoot in the snow .。.:*☆
*click big*

Thanks to my sister for helping me taking the pictures (◕‿◕✿)

 Makeup closeup/indoor shot
I'm still practicing contouring my nose.. It's still difficult for me to blend it out nicely.. (T.T; )
I really want to learn to do it right ( ≧Д≦)

It has been snowing a lot lately but today was actually the first warm day for a while (just above 0 degrees lol) I think the trees, plants and flowers look pretty with snow and ice on them though.. Gives of a winter magic feel *(*´∀`*)☆

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Obsessed with baking (゜▼゜*)

Lately my life haven't been that much exciting as it has mainly revolved around school..The awesome life of a student! U^皿^U

However, while just totally bumming it at home with manga and dramas when not studying, I've been baking! oh god what am i turning into

Anyway, maybe it's a weird urge of my lack of photographing anything lately. I don't think that made much sense but on to the very exciting topic of this post!

Banana muffins!  
I found my old cupcake/muffin equipment. Yay colorful muffins!
Into the oven!
Rise my babies, rise!
Uwaa~ Done!
They would have been awesome with frosting! But I didn't have any (;へ:)
Still pretty good though~♫

Scones with chocolate!
I've been craving scones for a long time now. My school's canteen usually have some pretty good ones but they've become insanely expensive lately so I didn't wanna buy them. And then thought "why not try baking them myself!"
Rising in the oven yay!
Done and ready to be eaten~♥
And they were luckily almost as good as the ones my school make! Actually they were better when they were warm, but gets a bit dry the next day (;へ:)

Everytime I'm baking, because I'm such an otaku, I can't stop thinking of Yakitate! Japan o(≧∇≦o) Awesomely crazy anime lol

And the weather recently only cultivates one to stay inside and enjoy the warmth!
Definitely a very white world outside! Very pretty~(*^▽^*) but super cold and deadly freezing
Yes, I was even so bored that I took a picture and made a stupid winter wallpaper (wtf)

But since I've been bumming it for more than 2 weeks now i kinda missed dressing up a bit.. And I wanted to take some pictures in the pretty snow too~ Currently editing the pictures, but here's a sneak peek with awful shimmer effect lol

Oh and i just remembered it's Valentine's today lol! For some it's a romantic day, for others it S.A.D. day (lol) but for me it's just another Tuesday doing my exam paper and blogging about baking lol (〜^∇^)〜


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A little Gothic Valentine

I love photoshop lololol へ(゜∇、°)へ

Ok I was a little bored and thought it would be interesting to see how this look would change with another hair color and so on. I was really funny to 'experiment' a bit ⊙▽⊙ 

Which one do you like??

I kinda like all the hair colors even though some might be a bit too 'cosplay-feel'-like. I really love the dark cyan/turquoise (right lower one) haircolor. Kinda reminds me a bit of Park Bom in the 'Hurt' music video. She looked the best in that vid imo ♥ 

This is the original/normal picture ↓
(It's not a wig if anyone thought so)
 It's originally a small request from a lolita magazine for a Gothic Lolita Valentine Makeup. That's why it looks a bit 'dark'. But yeah I'm no lolita myself, so I just did the best I could (^_^;)

Here's a closeup of the meiku ♫
I originally thought to use this for the valentine makeup tutorial that I've mentioned earlier, but now looking at it I think it might be a bit too much/strong? Idk.. I might do a more natural gyaru inspired one instead. This could maybe serve as the 'night look'?

And this is actually the first time I've used a vivid lip color! I've always been a bit scared of more vivid lip colors as I didn't think they suited me ('-'*) I've always preferred the more nude ones or baby/light pink.

It will be Valentine pretty soon!
Did you girls (and guys) prepare anything??

Well I haven't myself lol!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Zarsu's Giveaway


Today is the last day to join the giveaway and I totally forgot. It's for Danish citizens only.

Zarsu's blog is in Danish only, but there's a lot of nice pictures to look at and she's a really good cosplay photographer as well! You can check out her official website or her deviantART through her blog as well if you want.

I actually won a small giveaway once, but I never received the package so I'm not sure if that counts lol >_>; A bit late at joining lol but I'll give it a try yay!

/back to homework

Sunday, February 5, 2012

☆*:.。.Winter Warmth.。.:*☆

Yesterday, pretty Maria asked me to help her with her hair and makeup for her school prom. I was really excited as I haven't done makeup on her before (#`ε´#ゞ (or on other people for a while actually)

Her dress was a pretty dark blue/cyan so I matched it with a metallic blue look. 

I know people say that there are rules like never to match your makeup with this or that. But seriously? I don't give a dime about that. As long as it looks good right? What's beauty if it's trapped behind walls anyway.

We were quite lucky with the weather, so just before Maria left to get ready for the party, we took some snaps outside my house.

The hair is gyaru inspired.. Maria said she thought she looked a bit like a hostess lolol!! She could be working in a kabakura lol!! ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ

So pretty deshou~♥

Today was snowing quite heavily! I wanted to take some pics but never got the chance to (and didn't dare to go outside lol). However, I still went out shopping with my mom and sister later when it stopped snowing. 
I bought a few things I'll show you another time *(*´∀`*)☆