Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Obsessed with baking (゜▼゜*)

Lately my life haven't been that much exciting as it has mainly revolved around school..The awesome life of a student! U^皿^U

However, while just totally bumming it at home with manga and dramas when not studying, I've been baking! oh god what am i turning into

Anyway, maybe it's a weird urge of my lack of photographing anything lately. I don't think that made much sense but on to the very exciting topic of this post!

Banana muffins!  
I found my old cupcake/muffin equipment. Yay colorful muffins!
Into the oven!
Rise my babies, rise!
Uwaa~ Done!
They would have been awesome with frosting! But I didn't have any (;へ:)
Still pretty good though~♫

Scones with chocolate!
I've been craving scones for a long time now. My school's canteen usually have some pretty good ones but they've become insanely expensive lately so I didn't wanna buy them. And then thought "why not try baking them myself!"
Rising in the oven yay!
Done and ready to be eaten~♥
And they were luckily almost as good as the ones my school make! Actually they were better when they were warm, but gets a bit dry the next day (;へ:)

Everytime I'm baking, because I'm such an otaku, I can't stop thinking of Yakitate! Japan o(≧∇≦o) Awesomely crazy anime lol

And the weather recently only cultivates one to stay inside and enjoy the warmth!
Definitely a very white world outside! Very pretty~(*^▽^*) but super cold and deadly freezing
Yes, I was even so bored that I took a picture and made a stupid winter wallpaper (wtf)

But since I've been bumming it for more than 2 weeks now i kinda missed dressing up a bit.. And I wanted to take some pictures in the pretty snow too~ Currently editing the pictures, but here's a sneak peek with awful shimmer effect lol

Oh and i just remembered it's Valentine's today lol! For some it's a romantic day, for others it S.A.D. day (lol) but for me it's just another Tuesday doing my exam paper and blogging about baking lol (〜^∇^)〜


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