Sunday, February 27, 2011

Keep It Casual ☆彡

Casual look for a casual day~
Yay I got new extensions! XD They were quite cheap and I just bought them as a try out.. And they turned out pretty neat in my opinion! I wasn't too sure about what color to choose, but these blends in better than I thought ^___^ So I bought more for extra volume XD

Last weekend I went to a party at Jeongie's university. Some quick pics
Me and pretty Jeongie
Papa cheese aka Kenneth and his not so satisfied dancing cheese Jeongie XD
And my date Johan~
somehow.. I feel like there's something vampiric about this snap haha
The theme was masquerade ball.. but it was kinda last minute theme and I figured that no one would dress up anyway.. And yes - surprisingly we found ourselves overdressed since mostly everyone else just came in casual clothes >_>' Btw I got that little tiara from my friend Mari-chan the same day! It's so cute, I love it (can't see it that well on the pics though)


In desperate times.. you wish time would just stop.. and wait for you to catch up with it..

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Frosty.. Ice cold


Today's outfit
 It's still frickin' cold outside >.< Especially when it's windy x_x yay for nordic print! Just a relaxed outfit for school

I went out with my little sister this Tuesday to watch Disney's Tangled. I was really surprised! It was soo good! I really liked it since I hadn't expected much
And then I bought this hat and the legwarmes (and some white fur legwarmers as well) ^^ Actually my mom suggested me to buy the hat, and now she wants one too bahahaha!! She was like.. "It's soo soft and looks soo warm!! o.o".. So I'll get her one next time >w<
Btw.. I went to H&M the other day.. And suddenly they got a lot Usamimis and a big orange fake fur tail!! Ô.Ô Go Japan-crazy ne? Haha!

BAHAHAHAHA!! And I find this too hilarious!!!
Love SHINee! But this just made it even better!! I can't listen to the song anymore without laughing XD

Valentine's Photos with Jeongie ♥

So this Tuesday, me and Jeongie decided to do a little Valentines photoshoot just for fun キャー(>ω<*)ノノ田♥ We dressed up and I started with taking some cute pictures of Jeongie.. So cuuuute~!! I thought I'd do a little hime gyaru inspired look ^^ Enjoy!
Our accessories and friends bahaha!
Testing lightning.. thought it came out kinda cool haha
Omg so cute!!

Hamster food add with Doumu-kun bahahaha!
Thanks Jeongie! It was lots of fun!! And thanks to Anders for taking the photos of us together!!
Hope you liked! ^^

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

.。.:*・゚Please be my Valentine*・゚。:.*


Dear readers, Happy Valentines~!

I'm not really into Valentines day, but I do think it's kinda cute ^^ So I kinda felt like doing a little Valentines look.. Hope you like it (^-^*)/
Today my unni Minzi gave me and my sis Linda roses and a red "I love you" balloon! Omg haha that was really funny! And I bought some heart-shaped chocolates just for fun for them as well!
Thereafter me and Minzi went to a café and had some really cute cupcakes and chatted a bit before she had to leave to meet her Valentines date ^_~

I hope you all had a nice and lovely Valentines day

Much love and thanks for reading ^^

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Finally got to make a header! I've been really lazy with layout and stuff.. but got kinda tired of looking at nothing.. Thought I should personalize it a bit more.. I'm not sure if I'm all satisfied.. may be a bit messy but I guess it's better than nothing!
Blue is my fav color at the moment (^_~)☆

So what do you guys think? ^^

Btw.. Love this song

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Jiggy Jiggy ♥

Already February huh? Slowly trying to get into the old routine again with school and stuff.. 
I went to a party (azn con again baah...) this friday.. I would like to say it was lots of fun.. but somehow.. I got too drunk and got a black-out ☆⌒(>。≪) I kinda have random flashes of pictures of that night.. otherwise.. I woke up next morning at my sister's place with a severe pain at my ribs and back.. And then my sisters told me I had been dropped down the stairs from the club.. X__X Wtf!?!?! Apparently, Johan, drunk himself, thought it was a good idea to carry me down the super high stairs which resulted in an acrobatic stunt down the stairs (,,#゚Д゚) Maybe it was a good thing I was unconscious at that point *cough* Soo scary, I can't remember.. It's the first time happening.. never again.. =_=' But sorry if I bothered anyone and thanks to the people that took care of me.. (  ゚,_ゝ゚)


I've really wanted to try this hairstyle for a long time, but my hair was too short (and actually still is...) It was kinda difficult to do the back and sides since I couldn't really see anything.. Oh well.. Haha but when I came to the club, some of my friends didn't recognize me, and one even made a joke and said "Look, Rihanna is here..!" LOL!!


Otakus much ♥
A bit hectic weekend.. But sunday I went to the shopping center Fields with Ane, Anders and Johan. And afterwards went home to Ane's place to watch a movie and make some food (pasta master Anders right..).

Btw check out Ane's giveaway at her block!! ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ


Monday I went out to eat lunch at Fishmarket with my thai family. My unni Minzi's mom came back to visit CPH (she lives in Korea) and treated us for lunch (*≧▽≦)
We ordered a big plate of oisters, prawns, stone crab and lobster ♥
I forgot to take a picture of desserts.. but it was really nice..! I kinda felt a bit high class rich person for a moment bahahaha (not) 
 And here's my fav band at the moment.. F.cuz!!! (*≧▽≦) I feel like a 13 year-old fangirl (again)... omg omg but they're sooo cute (except the rapper wtf.. looks like a 30-year-old)... And Kaaaaaan~ ♥ He's my new love..! And LeeU!! He's my new kawaii guy ♥
 The song makes me happy ヾ(^∇^) You should watch the 2nd version of this vid too.. soo handsome.. *dies*.. And their other vids of course! (except Midnight Sun, it's really bad.. warned you)