Tuesday, February 15, 2011

.。.:*・゚Please be my Valentine*・゚。:.*


Dear readers, Happy Valentines~!

I'm not really into Valentines day, but I do think it's kinda cute ^^ So I kinda felt like doing a little Valentines look.. Hope you like it (^-^*)/
Today my unni Minzi gave me and my sis Linda roses and a red "I love you" balloon! Omg haha that was really funny! And I bought some heart-shaped chocolates just for fun for them as well!
Thereafter me and Minzi went to a café and had some really cute cupcakes and chatted a bit before she had to leave to meet her Valentines date ^_~

I hope you all had a nice and lovely Valentines day

Much love and thanks for reading ^^


    Dit look er RØV cool! : D du er altid så super kreativ! ^^v

  2. Du er simpelthen så vanvittigt smuk <3
    Og jeg kan rigtig godt lide idéen i dit photoshoot! ^^,

  3. Jay Park! <3 og siger det gerne igen. Those are some wicked lashes!
    Elsker som altid din makeup.. Nom nom ~