Thursday, February 17, 2011

Frosty.. Ice cold


Today's outfit
 It's still frickin' cold outside >.< Especially when it's windy x_x yay for nordic print! Just a relaxed outfit for school

I went out with my little sister this Tuesday to watch Disney's Tangled. I was really surprised! It was soo good! I really liked it since I hadn't expected much
And then I bought this hat and the legwarmes (and some white fur legwarmers as well) ^^ Actually my mom suggested me to buy the hat, and now she wants one too bahahaha!! She was like.. "It's soo soft and looks soo warm!! o.o".. So I'll get her one next time >w<
Btw.. I went to H&M the other day.. And suddenly they got a lot Usamimis and a big orange fake fur tail!! Ô.Ô Go Japan-crazy ne? Haha!

BAHAHAHAHA!! And I find this too hilarious!!!
Love SHINee! But this just made it even better!! I can't listen to the song anymore without laughing XD

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