Sunday, October 30, 2011


I'm sure many people are celebrating halloween this weekend. I'm usually always prepared for these kinds of events and plan my costume in advance and so on. But it was a liiiittle different this time as I wasn't sure whether I would attend any Halloween party at all, but in the end I decided to go and had to improvise a Halloween costume just before we left for the party!

Me and Juni left kinda late from home since the party was close, so we thought it wouldn't be a problem to get there in time. Boy, we were wrong! XD We had to switch trains once, but when we reached the station we had to switch at we kinda realized the last train already left a long time ago.. fucking fools.. lol
In the end we decided to walk by following the tracks, and fortunately for us, it only took about 40 min. When we were almost at our destination, we found a whole lit narrow street with remaining festival decorations. It looked really pretty, especially because most lights were out everywhere else and was kinda dark, so it almost looked magical!
On top of that it was a railway crossing, so I thought it could be fun to take some pictures on the tracks since I've never tried that before and it's illegal in Copenhagen to be on the tracks at any time...
Since I hate using flash and try to avoid it at anytime, I just set the ISO on max which is why all the pictures look kinda grainy. I kinda like the effect though since it makes it look a bit eerie and old. Well, it is Halloween after all!
 Really beautiful! I almost wished we had dressed up better so we could make a nice little photoshoot there♫
 My very just-in-minute Halloween makeup XD

The party was nice though the place was rather small and really crowded (dorm party), but it was a lot of fun and meeting new people is always interesting♫ I'm not gonna spam you with any drunk party picture though..

 On the way home we saw the sunset sky and it was all PINK and very beautiful. Hence we stopped up to take a picture lol
 There's a vegetable and fruit garden kinda where we live and we eyed this ripe sharon fruit that had been taking a bite of. I'm not sure whether it was because we were a bit drunk or not, but we found it kinda amusing haha!
 And that was the end of my Halloween.

I feel like my blog is slowly turning into a photo blog.. I guess it's kinda nice that it's starting to have a 'theme' since it has been quite messy and so on. I'm still gonna post a lot of random stuff just because that's how life is lol. But I'll probably make sure to supply it with this kind of photos from now on. 
Especially after I noticed Blogger's new update with photo gallery when you click big which looks really nice!

I hope you guys don't mind all the pictures. I would love to hear your opinions about the small change though (∩_∩)

I've been updating more frequently as well huh? XD I guess with my love for photography I also feel like I want to share it~♪

So I hope everyone has had a nice Halloween!

Thanks for looking! ♫

Saturday, October 29, 2011

GYZE - J-rock live photos☆

So these are the photos I didn't upload yet of Gyze, the band I went to see~♪

I'm getting more and more into photography ♥ I really REALLY love my new lens hoho♫ And I love being here in Japan. I feel like there is so much stuff to see and so much I want to do and that encourages me to take a lot of pictures. I feel kinda inspired every time I go out ☆

Anyway, here are the pictures ♪
Hope you liked!!

I was switching in between headbanging and taking photos lol, and had to do everything on manual focus, so I think it turned out pretty well ♪

I was so scarred all the pictures would turn out blurry or something since I couldn't see that well at the concert and all the music and so on. I still need to practice editing. Sometimes I'm not sure how I want to edit some pictures or how I want the outcome to look like. But I guess that's all experience and practice~♫

Anyway I LOVE this band and I'm so glad the photos turned out well. Didn't wanna disappoint the band lol

If you're into metal or/and Jrock, be sure to check them out!

Thanks for looking! ♫

Thursday, October 27, 2011

V-kei J-rock concert♫

I went to another live yesterday♪
It was at the same place as the last concert I went to - Ikebukuro Cyber (∩_∩)  GYZE, the band that I fell in love with last time was performing again, so I HAD to go and see them.. teehee..( ̄∀ ̄)♥

This is how I looked for the live ( ´∀`)
I tried a rokku-gyaru inspired look♪

I introduced Pat, one of my roomies, to the band's music and he really liked it too, so I asked him to tag along♪ Coincidently Fredrick was going to the show as well since he had a friend that knew the Swedish band Seremedy who were going to perform that day as well!
So we met up before the live and got something to eat ♥
Mm pancakes~♥ Sooo delicious♫

At the entrance we saw these two guys that were going to play that night as well. They were from a band called 'Hikari session'. The guy to the left's hair was really amazing (O_O;) So we asked if we could get a picture of them haha!
And again I got to experience the girls interesting headbanging and fan-dances XD This time there weren't that many people though. but I guess it's because last time's live was a free event, so many people came~
One of the bands that performed~ I really liked the vocalist's hair!! He had glued some sparkling キラキラ rhinestones to his hair and it looked REAAAALLLYYYY pretty~☆I must try that too sometime hehe...

After that the Swedish V-kei band Seremedy performed.
They were actually really good and their guitarist was SOOO amazing and he was only 16! (*゜Д゜*) It's the guy in the middle picture in Lolita outfit ♥ I got goosebumps all over my body when he played the solo-parts (O_O;)

Aaaaaand FINALLY the band I was looking forward to see!! GYZE!!! But no pictures yet since I have to wait for them to approve the pictures XD But I'll show you later!!

Aaaaah but I died so much lol *fangirl* They were soooo goood I was about to cry ・.。*・.。*(〃´∀`)・.。*・.。* I was sooo happy!! There were only 5 people standing in front of the scene, and I stood 2 meters away appx in the begging. But then the guitarist waved me closer a couple of times and then I finally moved forward to stand at the front.. aaa.aa..aaaaa it was SOO amazing *dies*
And since I only recently found my love for Jrock again, I haven't headbanged in years... Which results in MASSIVE pain in my neck today and headache as well.. But it was all worth it!! But I swear, I don't dare to move my head around too much, I'm scared it will fall of haha!

After the live I got a picture with the band though!
The picture is kindly taken by Fredrick!
Aah yes my eyes are closed /fail.... but I don't care, I'm just glad I got a picture with them lol!!!
From left to right: Shogo (bass, vocal), Ryoji (guitar, vocal), me (lol) and further down, Engla - Fredrick's friend from Sweden and Shuji (drummer - Ryoji's lil' brother naaaw).

One of my best days so far aaah.. ♥ They have a live again next week that I'll go to as well~♪ I'm already really excited to see them next week again haha!!

I love going to concerts~ It's really a great experience and hearing the bands perform live is soo much different than just listening to the music.. 

And I've been listening to this anime song all yesterday night and today as well~♪
Just before Gyze was playing, they played this song while waiting.. aaah it's soooo nice and I watched the anime some weeks ago as well, so it was really nostalgic! ♥ Ryoji really loves this anime as well, so that's why they chose this song for the waiting. Creepy stalker I am lol....... soz... 
But the song is really cute ♥ It's really sad though, I feel like crying when listening to it (´∩`。)

Until next time!
Take care♪

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Tokyo streetsnaps ♪

I'm so lazy with blogging.. \(--)/

And it's not even like I do a lot everyday.. But I usually either come home late or stay up till late, and when I finally go to bed I can't even sleep.. I haven't been able to fall asleep before 3-4am these days and I've been here more than a month already so guess I can't call it jetlag anymore
(  ゚,_ゝ゚)

But to the more fun part! I love walking around the streets in Tokyo since you'll ALWAYS find something interesting. The other day I went to Shibuya, I came across this guy
Had to stop up and ask for a picture haha! He was amazing lol

And yesterday when I went to Harajuku for some shopping there happened to be a lot of people dressed up. The other days I've been there the amount of 'alternative dressed' people varies.. However, while waiting at the station for a friend I got a few snaps.
Elegant Lolita. I thought she looked reaaaally pretty ♥
Visual Kei style. Haven't seen it THIS implemented on the street yet.. Like taken out of a band!
This guy.. I found him somehow funny looking with his leopard shirt and fur vest..
And the first time to see a real schoolgirl ganguro/ko-gal :O
I love taking street snaps but is still too shy haha.. 

The other day I met up with some people from Sweden who are studying here in Japan.
From left-to-right: Alex, girl-from-Russia-I-forgot-name-of-(;_:), Rebecca and Fredrick.
They were all sooo nice and we had a lot of fun ♪ And soo funny, me and Rebecca figured we had a lot of things in common.. Sadly she lives in Yokohama which is a bit far away (  ゚,_ゝ゚)
We all took purikura together as well, but I don't have a scanner so can't show you now..
I was actually supposed to go to Yokohama today, but the weather is really bad this weekend.. So I'd rather go on a day with nice weather!

Oh yeah, and I bought this cool backpack in harajuku yesterday XD
It even has a tail!! Haha I was in a looong dilemma about which color I should choose. You could get it in regular yellow leopard, grey and then this white&pink. Lastly I chose the pink one ♥ I wanted a backpack for a looong time since it's practical. And I noticed that backpacks are really popular in Japan compared to regular cross bags, women purses and so on. 
Aaaand lastly, I dyed my hair XD
I bought the Palty mousse package in Milk Tea.
But got bored of my even haircolor style so i bought a brown haircolor and made some strokes in my hair ( ̄▽ ̄) ↓↓↓
I'll take better pictures when i actually style my hair >3> It's kinda the opposite of what I had once now that I look at it.. Old pictures with brown hair and blond stripe
Hmmmmm.... Now when I look at the right picture... I kinda miss my bangs!! Oh well.. let's see.. I'm sure I'll cut them sometime next week and then regret it XD like always..

Ok ok enough rambling already!! 

P.s. Do you like the new header??? Hmmm... I'm not really sure myself!!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

F-bar 。*。”。* ☆

Stands for ___________ ???? 

Lol this weekend me and my roommate went downtown Roppongi for some serious drinking business! Or well coincidently it ended up like that ヾ(´▽`*;)ゝ"

The whole day had been really quiet as the only thing we did that day was going out buying some groceries. We discussed whether we should go out or not (originally I planned a really bad late-note housewarming, so only 1 person was attending XD lol..) but my roomies can be pretty lazy!! Haha all they are talking about is to chill this chill that.. though it is pretty.. chill (●^皿^●)

Anyway, Juni said he had a friend from Denmark that was going to a club somewhere in Roppongi. And since he is working as a model he might be able to get us in for free (those guys get like everything for free here lol.. envious much!!). So as gipsy-style as me and juni are we decided to go!
But as lazy as we are as well.. I was really bored while waiting for heading out that I fell asleep. I thought I had plenty of time to get ready. I was wrong. XD 

Well I woke up, still bored, still thinking I had plenty of time, so I decided to curl my extensions and took a good deal of time doing my hair. And then suddenly Juni comes back from the conbini (Jap convenience store) and tells me it's raining outside...... and then I look at my very big curly hair....... wow never have I wasted so much time on doing my hair for nothing... lol 
Well the rain didn't stop us and we still decided to head out! Juni then gets a call from his model friend and tells him time and meeting place. I'm calculating we had to leave at 9:00pm to be there on time, and then realizes it's 9 already.. (,,#゚Д゚)
I don't think I ever did my makeup THAT fast for a party. it took me 15 min and turned out pretty bad.. oh well XD 
And yeah the weather and humidity ruined my hair the second I stepped outside regardless of the many liters of hairspray I used........... Looks like I didn't do ANY styling to my hair at all! I gotta admit the power of nature is gruesome (ι´Д`)ノ lol I regret I didn't have enough time to take a picture before my hair died (  ゚,_ゝ゚)

The day before I did some nails for the first time that I decided to wear!
I think it's the longest nails I've tried so far. When looking at the pictures now they don't look as long as they feel XD Or maybe I'm just a noob lol... Well I think they turned out pretty well for a first time try AND without any proper gear to do the nails.. In the rush of getting out, I just tucked the nails into a case and then down in my bag and put them on in the train (*。_。)

And random crappy quality pic of me and juni XD

Well a bit late we thought, we met up with Juni's friend and some other models. Well apparently the host himself decided that he couldn't be there on time so we were the only people TOO early and the first people arriving at the club as well........ (~-~;)ヾ(-_-;)

When we arrived at the club we figured out that the F in F-bar apparently stood for FASHION bar..... XDDDDDD looool wtf.... And ladies entrance was free but guys had to pay 3,500yen!?! The models got in for free since they had some special cards for models, but poor juni had to pay the high entrance fee. Luckily we got to sit with the models (crime riders) and got free booze and drink tickets haha.. So Juni (gipsy style as always) decided to earn his money 'back' in free alcohol. Which of course ends up as you'd predict XD Well since everything was free we both got pretty drunk... The place was filled with half foreigners half Japanese. I felt strangely alien though sitting with all the European models being the only Asian looking person though I'm European ._. Your appearance is all that counts here!! The other day while I was talking Danish with my friend, and old man even thought I was Japanese learning a foreign language and praised me for my fluency!! WTF HAHA!! 

F-bar was pretty fashionable but VERY creepy at the same time. I was actually freaked out a lot. They had some pretty creepy staff!!! Seriously.. There were two girls in burlesque outfits with DAMN CREEPY CHUCKY MASKS!! There was a net in the ceiling where one of the girls was just lying as a dead doll glaring down on the people, and the other girls sat on the bar in a big chair.. But that was not the worst.. Their was a midgit... literally midgit guy in CLOWN get-up wearing a ripped bloody ICE HOCKEY mask... I was about to run screaming out of the place if not for the free alcohol AND being kinda drunk (;_・)

Oh well the rest of the night was pretty fun with a lot of dancing and stuff.. We went home around 4am to catch the first train, and really.. it must have been the longest trip home ever! It took 1½ hour and we were more than wasted... I wish we lived closer to central Tokyo at times like those!!
And apparently a picture ended up on facebook of me and Juni's friend Daniel XD

And here's the website for the bar if anyone should wish to dance with chucky girls and killer midgits:

Yup that was a very.. interesting experience! But who would say NO to free drinks? I still can't believe I didn't pay a single penny for that night.. wow I feel so cheap haha! Lucky to have connections.. or friends with connections.. or friend's friends with ok you get it XD NETWORKING!

Long night it was.. As long as this entry!! (*・∀<*)