Saturday, October 22, 2011

Tokyo streetsnaps ♪

I'm so lazy with blogging.. \(--)/

And it's not even like I do a lot everyday.. But I usually either come home late or stay up till late, and when I finally go to bed I can't even sleep.. I haven't been able to fall asleep before 3-4am these days and I've been here more than a month already so guess I can't call it jetlag anymore
(  ゚,_ゝ゚)

But to the more fun part! I love walking around the streets in Tokyo since you'll ALWAYS find something interesting. The other day I went to Shibuya, I came across this guy
Had to stop up and ask for a picture haha! He was amazing lol

And yesterday when I went to Harajuku for some shopping there happened to be a lot of people dressed up. The other days I've been there the amount of 'alternative dressed' people varies.. However, while waiting at the station for a friend I got a few snaps.
Elegant Lolita. I thought she looked reaaaally pretty ♥
Visual Kei style. Haven't seen it THIS implemented on the street yet.. Like taken out of a band!
This guy.. I found him somehow funny looking with his leopard shirt and fur vest..
And the first time to see a real schoolgirl ganguro/ko-gal :O
I love taking street snaps but is still too shy haha.. 

The other day I met up with some people from Sweden who are studying here in Japan.
From left-to-right: Alex, girl-from-Russia-I-forgot-name-of-(;_:), Rebecca and Fredrick.
They were all sooo nice and we had a lot of fun ♪ And soo funny, me and Rebecca figured we had a lot of things in common.. Sadly she lives in Yokohama which is a bit far away (  ゚,_ゝ゚)
We all took purikura together as well, but I don't have a scanner so can't show you now..
I was actually supposed to go to Yokohama today, but the weather is really bad this weekend.. So I'd rather go on a day with nice weather!

Oh yeah, and I bought this cool backpack in harajuku yesterday XD
It even has a tail!! Haha I was in a looong dilemma about which color I should choose. You could get it in regular yellow leopard, grey and then this white&pink. Lastly I chose the pink one ♥ I wanted a backpack for a looong time since it's practical. And I noticed that backpacks are really popular in Japan compared to regular cross bags, women purses and so on. 
Aaaand lastly, I dyed my hair XD
I bought the Palty mousse package in Milk Tea.
But got bored of my even haircolor style so i bought a brown haircolor and made some strokes in my hair ( ̄▽ ̄) ↓↓↓
I'll take better pictures when i actually style my hair >3> It's kinda the opposite of what I had once now that I look at it.. Old pictures with brown hair and blond stripe
Hmmmmm.... Now when I look at the right picture... I kinda miss my bangs!! Oh well.. let's see.. I'm sure I'll cut them sometime next week and then regret it XD like always..

Ok ok enough rambling already!! 

P.s. Do you like the new header??? Hmmm... I'm not really sure myself!!


  1. But you look great like that! (:

  2. The new header is gorgeous ♥♥ And the lolita girl is really pretty, it's some nice pictures. Excited to see a picture of the twi-colored hair styled ♥

  3. I think the header looks really nice!
    And really interesting street snaps XD

  4. I love how you got to see all the different styles. That lolita photo looks really amazing, looks like an professional photograph in my opinion :] I also love the Visual Kei guys :] I would also be shy to takes pictures lol.

    You hair looks cute! And your header looks nice, I like it :]

  5. Love your new header <33

    The visual kei guys look so hawt and the kogal has such a rad haircolor ^^

    when i see your new hair, i wanna dye my hair milk tea color too XD

  6. oh wow japan streets are buzzing with cute styles (:
    i use Palty myself (: it is good product!

    CMPang x

  7. Wow must be so cool to see people like that on a daily! The lolita girl's outfit is so pretty!

  8. Love the new header, indeed! And thanks for your comment! Those VK people look like they came out of an Exist Trace photoshoot! D:<

    Oh, and the earrings are just kpop idol-inspired earrings from YesAsia. xD haha, I tend to order their cross-earrings a lot. And thanks! I have a tendency to always cut my friends in semi-kpop-hair-styles O_O I dunno why.. *shrug*

  9. thank yooou for the fangirly reply at my blog! made me feel not so uncomfy with my fangirl post ww! ^3^

    girl i wanna meet up soon ~ im sure we'd have a great time since we have so much incommon lol!

    YOU ARE SOOO PRETTYYY~! i wanna dye my hair aswell but i dont know how :'<

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