Thursday, October 27, 2011

V-kei J-rock concert♫

I went to another live yesterday♪
It was at the same place as the last concert I went to - Ikebukuro Cyber (∩_∩)  GYZE, the band that I fell in love with last time was performing again, so I HAD to go and see them.. teehee..( ̄∀ ̄)♥

This is how I looked for the live ( ´∀`)
I tried a rokku-gyaru inspired look♪

I introduced Pat, one of my roomies, to the band's music and he really liked it too, so I asked him to tag along♪ Coincidently Fredrick was going to the show as well since he had a friend that knew the Swedish band Seremedy who were going to perform that day as well!
So we met up before the live and got something to eat ♥
Mm pancakes~♥ Sooo delicious♫

At the entrance we saw these two guys that were going to play that night as well. They were from a band called 'Hikari session'. The guy to the left's hair was really amazing (O_O;) So we asked if we could get a picture of them haha!
And again I got to experience the girls interesting headbanging and fan-dances XD This time there weren't that many people though. but I guess it's because last time's live was a free event, so many people came~
One of the bands that performed~ I really liked the vocalist's hair!! He had glued some sparkling キラキラ rhinestones to his hair and it looked REAAAALLLYYYY pretty~☆I must try that too sometime hehe...

After that the Swedish V-kei band Seremedy performed.
They were actually really good and their guitarist was SOOO amazing and he was only 16! (*゜Д゜*) It's the guy in the middle picture in Lolita outfit ♥ I got goosebumps all over my body when he played the solo-parts (O_O;)

Aaaaaand FINALLY the band I was looking forward to see!! GYZE!!! But no pictures yet since I have to wait for them to approve the pictures XD But I'll show you later!!

Aaaaah but I died so much lol *fangirl* They were soooo goood I was about to cry ・.。*・.。*(〃´∀`)・.。*・.。* I was sooo happy!! There were only 5 people standing in front of the scene, and I stood 2 meters away appx in the begging. But then the guitarist waved me closer a couple of times and then I finally moved forward to stand at the front.. aaa.aa..aaaaa it was SOO amazing *dies*
And since I only recently found my love for Jrock again, I haven't headbanged in years... Which results in MASSIVE pain in my neck today and headache as well.. But it was all worth it!! But I swear, I don't dare to move my head around too much, I'm scared it will fall of haha!

After the live I got a picture with the band though!
The picture is kindly taken by Fredrick!
Aah yes my eyes are closed /fail.... but I don't care, I'm just glad I got a picture with them lol!!!
From left to right: Shogo (bass, vocal), Ryoji (guitar, vocal), me (lol) and further down, Engla - Fredrick's friend from Sweden and Shuji (drummer - Ryoji's lil' brother naaaw).

One of my best days so far aaah.. ♥ They have a live again next week that I'll go to as well~♪ I'm already really excited to see them next week again haha!!

I love going to concerts~ It's really a great experience and hearing the bands perform live is soo much different than just listening to the music.. 

And I've been listening to this anime song all yesterday night and today as well~♪
Just before Gyze was playing, they played this song while waiting.. aaah it's soooo nice and I watched the anime some weeks ago as well, so it was really nostalgic! ♥ Ryoji really loves this anime as well, so that's why they chose this song for the waiting. Creepy stalker I am lol....... soz... 
But the song is really cute ♥ It's really sad though, I feel like crying when listening to it (´∩`。)

Until next time!
Take care♪


  1. /Resisting urge to make racist comment about asian eyes

    On the third Seremedy picture... My brain tells me that both of them are Stefan's clones 8D

  2. seems like a cool event. (^^)

    you are so pretty. <3 >3<

  3. Sounds like so much fun :D I am glad you enjoyed yourself~ You looked amazing and that guy with the pink hair has an amazing style. I am glad you took a pic ^-^

  4. I totally forgot everything about blogspot so I haven't been updated with your entries, so I just read the last three through, but! It seems so awesome all of it! and the clothes and food and party and street everything so sparkling~ Haha!

    It's also good to know you are having fun and you don't have any problems with being alone there n such! ^^

    Secret base is such an adorable song! I love it! ;__; It sometimes even makes me tear up haha! and the anime related is really cute too, I recommend it (Ano hana / Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai)

    I miss you~ and I'm looking forward to your next entry! ♥