Saturday, October 29, 2011

GYZE - J-rock live photos☆

So these are the photos I didn't upload yet of Gyze, the band I went to see~♪

I'm getting more and more into photography ♥ I really REALLY love my new lens hoho♫ And I love being here in Japan. I feel like there is so much stuff to see and so much I want to do and that encourages me to take a lot of pictures. I feel kinda inspired every time I go out ☆

Anyway, here are the pictures ♪
Hope you liked!!

I was switching in between headbanging and taking photos lol, and had to do everything on manual focus, so I think it turned out pretty well ♪

I was so scarred all the pictures would turn out blurry or something since I couldn't see that well at the concert and all the music and so on. I still need to practice editing. Sometimes I'm not sure how I want to edit some pictures or how I want the outcome to look like. But I guess that's all experience and practice~♫

Anyway I LOVE this band and I'm so glad the photos turned out well. Didn't wanna disappoint the band lol

If you're into metal or/and Jrock, be sure to check them out!

Thanks for looking! ♫


  1. The photos look amazing :D I love that you're going to lives and we can experience it through your photos :]

  2. Woah such awesome quality pictures! D:< the band should totally hire you!