Thursday, October 13, 2011


The other day I met with some friends in Shinjuku. This is the LOVE sculpture located at I-land tower in Shinjuku. I've seen the sculpture in music videos, dramas etc. so I was really happy to see it live haha!
When going to Shinjuku, most people go to Kabukichou. There're loads of restaurants, izakayas, bars and so on. It's also a very popular for all the host clubs located there. At night time, you'll see the host guys standing everywhere trying to get girls into their clubs. I personally hate walking in Shinjuku alone as you will very likely get 'attacked' by several hosts OR facers wanting to get you into whatever they are working for.
However, daytime in Shinjuku is a nice place for hanging out and shopping. Right at Shinjuku East exit is a department shopping mall called ALTA which is kinda similar to 109 in Shibuya, but smaller. A lot of cafes are located around Shinjuku as well when you want to rest for a bit ;)

The Imperial Garden is a popular park in Shinjuku and said to be special for the Japanese. It cost 200yen to enter and closes at 5pm. It's a very beautiful park in the middle of Shinjuku and lots of families, couples etc come their to have a picnic or relax. I like the park a lot, but due to the entrance fee I'd rather go to Yoyogi park. Especially on Sundays, a lot of things happen in Yoyogi park which is very entertaining.
As mentioned, night life in Shinjuku is very lively! Due to Japan saving energy at the moment, not all the signs are lit, though its still a very amazing sight! As we're in October right now, Halloween is everywhere! But since it's Tokyo, you will always see many diverse styles and fashions.
I like Shinjuku a lot! But I'd recommend walking at least with a friend or a guy! Best in groups haha! Since otherwise you'll get followed by all the host and facers..

Yup that was all for now! Today I'm just having a relaxing day at home since my roommates finally came back today! I've been alone in the apartment for a whole week now! And there's really not much to do haha.

Hope you liked!


  1. wow looks amazing! I wish I could have played around more when I was in Shinjuku T-T unfortunately I didn't ...>.> but glad that you had funn!!!

  2. I think the hosts are cute because they are so desperate xD They always talk VERY bad English to me, haha!

    And I love all the stalker photos you have of random people :'D