Saturday, January 29, 2011

Vibrant Eyeshadow

Hello~! I got a question last time how I made the vibrant yellow eyeshadow.. So thought I'd make a little post. Usually I use Coastal Scents 88 make up palette which colors are really vibrant. I usually use an eyeshadow primer for longer lasting makeup.. But it's also excellent for creating vibrant colors, especially for cheap eyeshadows as RIMMEL London which colors doesn't really show up unless you use a primer (as seen on the picture). Unfortunately, eyeshadow primers are not that common in Denmark, but I found out that GOSH actually made one, and it's cheap! I'm not a big fan of GOSH's since I'm allergic to their stuff.. But it works very well, and that's basically the one I'm using.

I recommend to pat the color on with your finger actually after putting on the primer. It gives the best results if you want the color to be vibrant.
So good luck and go color crazy! I do! ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Street vs. Classy

Yellow eyeshadow
I'm really into street style at the moment.. And I'm kinda hungry after sneakers too even though I just bought a new pair haha! But I want some white ones too (  ゚_ゝ゚) I'm sure I would have raided a Co&Lu store if I was in Japan by now XD Luckily I'm not since my bank account would have committed seppuku...
Yesterday I suddenly felt for a more classy style due to my new jeans. Not really visible on the picture but they're made from a kinda "shiny" fabric and has zippers all the way up on the sides.
I bought some overknee boots yesterday.. I'm not all sure of they suit me since I've kinda.. thin legs.. Usually I can't find boots at all since they're always too wide and either looks super sloppy around my legs or creates and empty space if you know what I mean... ('-'*) But these weren't that bad I thought.. well might post a picture later for an outfit..

Tomorrow I'm going to my colleague Ben's birthday party at Thai Corner (again). I decided to dress up street since the bar/restaurant lies at Istedgade (DK red light district yea) ^^' Probably gonna wear my Baby Milo Spongebob Tee since Ben really wants that bahahahaha!! (evil) But looking forward to it..!

So street or classy. What do you guys prefer?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Where U At Girl ♥

 Today's outfit
Striking a weird pose ._.

Today I went out with my onni Minzi. First stop: Footlocker! Task: Finding nice on sale sneaks and caps.
I'm so G that I'm wearing two different sneaks.. Yes! And I bought that cap haha! Sadly the adidas sneaks were too big T_T
I like the creativity of the LEGO store
It's not easy to be a little Korean.. haha!
Wasteland fashion
Listening to JASMINE ♪ I like her style

Going to meet up with some friends in an hour or so \(^∀^)メ(^∀^)ノ


Monday, January 17, 2011


Saturday's outfit.. And now a bunch of pictures haha!
Pretty boys Johan and Anders XD
Neko-chans~!! XD
Pimp much...
Fav Neko girl Maria
We were actually more people starting at Ane's place, where Ane served om nom dinner ヘ(^_^ヘ) Later we kinda got seperated as some went to "The Rock" and we went to "The Scottish Pub". A kinda cozy place as long as you're not alone! Old men (very old!) started hitting on me when the boys went to the bar to get some drinks (; T.T)

Yesterday's outfit
It's the new sweater (and leopard pumps) I got from Yesstyle ♡ + the wig I wanted to try out.. I didn't really style it yet, but I totally love it! (・∀・ )

I went out with my "Thai family" yesterday as my friend/colleague Linda decided to stop working at the restaurant, so we kinda made a "cheer up party" and went to a thai restaurant for dinner and thereafter ended up at Thai corner (a thai bar with ladyboys and old geezers yep) XD One of my friends knew the owners so we got them to play Kpop and did a lot of weird (but hilarious) dance moves (*≧▽≦) 

My friend Rose is coming in an hour or something for dinner.. Gotta put something together..!

Have been updating more frequently lately.. Vacation wooo.. (*´ο`*)=3

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Shopping :P

Yeah been shopping a bit.. XD The first three items are from Yesstyle. The dress.. I looked super short on the model but I thought the model did it on purpose since it wrinkles on the picture. I then found out the dress was like that D: Omg it's really short!! But I still like it X'D
The heart-heel sandal was on sale so I just HAD to buy it since I've been looking at it for some time.. The blue pumps are from Illum.. I really liked the color and they were cheap.. so.. I bought them XD And the sneakers..! They just screamed "BUY ME!" and were on sale too.. so.. ended up spending some moneyz I maybe shouldn't have ahem... (/-_・)/

Ok so I finally dyed my hair so I could get rid of being oranguchan~
Well - the blond stripe looks MUCH MORE GREY than on the picture.. The orange is still there D: But just more dusty... I like the grey color.. if it had been in my whole head >.< I have to dye everything blond first next time - but that would totally kill my scalp so I don't know yet.. But now my extensions kinda maches (・∀・ )
My parents and sister went to Thailand and Vietnam and I got this super awesome Spongebob Squarepants Tee as a gift!! I'm soo happy since I think Spongebob is hilarious XD Saves my day all the time yep.. A bit oversized but wth..
And I bought this some time ago which has turned into my favorite ring!! XD Sparkels and is a nice fox...

Ugh.. I found out that I lost my makeup bag New Year's eve... I was so sure that I forgot it at my parent's since it wasn't at Zuum or Ane's place.. But it wasn't! T__T I'm sooo sad... A lot of my christmas presents were in it and all my best makeup brushes too! And I just bought a hell lot of makeup and now it's all GONE! And I'm sure it couldn't just have fallen out or something, 'cause a primer and foundation I put next to it (in the main bag) is gone too... I have to repurchase everything.. it super SUCKS!! Especially because I have no moneyz anymore.. TT__TT I totally hope that bad karma will hit the someone or something that took it!! Soz'.. >_>'  But I'm so angry.... ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ
Anyway, tomorrow I'm going to Ane's place ^o^/ Gonna be fun!!
I'll watch some Kdrama now.. XD Been on a 10hour long shift at the restaurant today so my body aches..
じゃあまったね! (btw.. I love monkeyz)

(edit: broken pictures)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Winter vacation

This weekend I went to Jylland with some friends in 'sommerhus'. It was really in the middle of nowhere, but a couple of nice days! The best beginning of my vacation.. It looks like we're on Greenland or the South Pole haha! It was also kinda freezing...
Well, I kinda imagined we would just stay at the house and chill - but the others wanted to go clubbing.. And I didn't bring ANY suitably party-like clothes.. OR shoes! So I ended up borrowing some clothes from my friend and went clubbing in a guy's pants and size 41 sneakers (I use 38!).. Well that was kinda fun haha! (* ̄o ̄*)
So badass man.. Not to mention the tail.. (ノ´_ゝ`)ノ
Well I didn't expect anything since it was in a small town in Jylland we went to.. XD But seriously, that night.. the club was only filled with 18 year-olds and under!! I felt like I was back in high school or something ô_ô + we were four Asians entering the club.. Not many Asians in that part of Jylland!! We were the walking ZOO..... (*・_・)ノ⌒*
Hm and there's plenty of time to camwhore while staying at the countryside haha..! I'm so G.......
Disappointed me X'D
The next day we went bowling.. I super suck at bowling. I got last in both rounds... greaaat... How is it possible to totally miss and throw the ball down the sideholes/ditch thing almost ALL THE TIME!? I mean - how bad can it get X'D But we still had a good time (^w^)/
That was an awesome hat... SOO comfy and warm!! The last picture.. We're trying to make milkshake.. not a nice blender.. we apparently ended up with 3 frozen strawberries each since the machine kinda took a nap ( ・_・)
And this.. Just because my eyes look super slim and weird haha!
The last picture totally made my day.. It looks like Ben (guy on the right) is getting the chimney up his.. yeah.. XD

Now I'm home again and have about 3 weeks of vacation (unless something unwanted like taking a re-take pops up). It's nice after a very stressful period..!

Lastly - my friend Maria May is making a give away! Awesome! This is her blog. Check it out!

Hope you all have a nice January 2011 so far!