Saturday, January 15, 2011

Shopping :P

Yeah been shopping a bit.. XD The first three items are from Yesstyle. The dress.. I looked super short on the model but I thought the model did it on purpose since it wrinkles on the picture. I then found out the dress was like that D: Omg it's really short!! But I still like it X'D
The heart-heel sandal was on sale so I just HAD to buy it since I've been looking at it for some time.. The blue pumps are from Illum.. I really liked the color and they were cheap.. so.. I bought them XD And the sneakers..! They just screamed "BUY ME!" and were on sale too.. so.. ended up spending some moneyz I maybe shouldn't have ahem... (/-_・)/

Ok so I finally dyed my hair so I could get rid of being oranguchan~
Well - the blond stripe looks MUCH MORE GREY than on the picture.. The orange is still there D: But just more dusty... I like the grey color.. if it had been in my whole head >.< I have to dye everything blond first next time - but that would totally kill my scalp so I don't know yet.. But now my extensions kinda maches (・∀・ )
My parents and sister went to Thailand and Vietnam and I got this super awesome Spongebob Squarepants Tee as a gift!! I'm soo happy since I think Spongebob is hilarious XD Saves my day all the time yep.. A bit oversized but wth..
And I bought this some time ago which has turned into my favorite ring!! XD Sparkels and is a nice fox...

Ugh.. I found out that I lost my makeup bag New Year's eve... I was so sure that I forgot it at my parent's since it wasn't at Zuum or Ane's place.. But it wasn't! T__T I'm sooo sad... A lot of my christmas presents were in it and all my best makeup brushes too! And I just bought a hell lot of makeup and now it's all GONE! And I'm sure it couldn't just have fallen out or something, 'cause a primer and foundation I put next to it (in the main bag) is gone too... I have to repurchase everything.. it super SUCKS!! Especially because I have no moneyz anymore.. TT__TT I totally hope that bad karma will hit the someone or something that took it!! Soz'.. >_>'  But I'm so angry.... ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ
Anyway, tomorrow I'm going to Ane's place ^o^/ Gonna be fun!!
I'll watch some Kdrama now.. XD Been on a 10hour long shift at the restaurant today so my body aches..
じゃあまったね! (btw.. I love monkeyz)

(edit: broken pictures)


  1. Hvor er det nogen lækre ting du har fået købt! Elsker skoene <3
    Awh, stakkels dig med makeuppen og håber i den grad personen der har taget den får dårlig karma!

  2. Lækre sager : D Kan rigtig godt lide dit nye hår!
    Jeg tog springet for noget tid siden og købte tingene på YesStyle. Jeg sendte dem hjem til en ven i USA som så sender dem retur som en gave. xD Bare for en sikkerheds skyld..

  3. Haha! Held og lykke med det i hvert fald! Ik for at gøre dig nervøs - men selv gaver tjekker de da der stadig skal told eller moms på ^^' Det siger loven desværre =_=' især fra usa har jeg oplevet det tit sker :/ men ja - nogen gange slipper det heldigvis igenem >.<