Saturday, January 29, 2011

Vibrant Eyeshadow

Hello~! I got a question last time how I made the vibrant yellow eyeshadow.. So thought I'd make a little post. Usually I use Coastal Scents 88 make up palette which colors are really vibrant. I usually use an eyeshadow primer for longer lasting makeup.. But it's also excellent for creating vibrant colors, especially for cheap eyeshadows as RIMMEL London which colors doesn't really show up unless you use a primer (as seen on the picture). Unfortunately, eyeshadow primers are not that common in Denmark, but I found out that GOSH actually made one, and it's cheap! I'm not a big fan of GOSH's since I'm allergic to their stuff.. But it works very well, and that's basically the one I'm using.

I recommend to pat the color on with your finger actually after putting on the primer. It gives the best results if you want the color to be vibrant.
So good luck and go color crazy! I do! ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ


  1. Rimmels eyeshadows are really awesome. I think they are one of those who last the longest of the cheap brands (Y) You really do a nice eyemakeup <3

  2. Ahhh tak for svaret : D
    Jeg har faktisk både Too Faced Shadow Insurance og Urban Decay Primer Potion (jeg foretrækker TFSI), men det kunne godt være at du sprøjtede en pensel med vand inden du brugte farven eller noget.. >__<" Hvad ved jeg.. Ugh, men jeg hader min Coastal Scents palette. Den er totalt pudder-agtig og farverne bliver underlige når man blender. : /


  3. Srsly, du er en af de eneste jeg synes, at gul ser godt ud på! *A* How do you do itttt! xD
    Skal altså også have taget mig sammen og købt en primer snart! -.-; Slow korean me lalalalblablahaha!!

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