Saturday, January 22, 2011

Street vs. Classy

Yellow eyeshadow
I'm really into street style at the moment.. And I'm kinda hungry after sneakers too even though I just bought a new pair haha! But I want some white ones too (  ゚_ゝ゚) I'm sure I would have raided a Co&Lu store if I was in Japan by now XD Luckily I'm not since my bank account would have committed seppuku...
Yesterday I suddenly felt for a more classy style due to my new jeans. Not really visible on the picture but they're made from a kinda "shiny" fabric and has zippers all the way up on the sides.
I bought some overknee boots yesterday.. I'm not all sure of they suit me since I've kinda.. thin legs.. Usually I can't find boots at all since they're always too wide and either looks super sloppy around my legs or creates and empty space if you know what I mean... ('-'*) But these weren't that bad I thought.. well might post a picture later for an outfit..

Tomorrow I'm going to my colleague Ben's birthday party at Thai Corner (again). I decided to dress up street since the bar/restaurant lies at Istedgade (DK red light district yea) ^^' Probably gonna wear my Baby Milo Spongebob Tee since Ben really wants that bahahahaha!! (evil) But looking forward to it..!

So street or classy. What do you guys prefer?


  1. Think you look great both ways :3 Street may be easier to wear during work/school days or something x'D;

  2. Seconds the AZN SLAVE. <3

    But I think your street needs to have a little more going on. A printed tank, a belt or a long necklace with some goodstuff on it, would MAKE the look :D

  3. The second style is my favourite!

  4. Waw, everything looks good on you, you're so lucky~

  5. Du ser helt klart ud til at kunne bære høje støvler : D Mine ben er for tykke -__-" lol. Så jeg kommer til at ligne en på 1,40cm hvis jeg tager nogen på. Haha! Har desværre arvet mors lår.

    Hvordan i alverden fik du din gule øjenskygge til at være så vibrant? : O

  6. !!! I like both styles on you! : DD Everything looks greaaaaaat! But I do LOVE the classy style, so pretty! ^0^ <3
    I'm sure you'll look good with the overknee boots! I definitely think it looks better on ppl with thin legs (you so luckkyyy) and not like me > two hams in boots XD hahahahaha