Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Where U At Girl ♥

 Today's outfit
Striking a weird pose ._.

Today I went out with my onni Minzi. First stop: Footlocker! Task: Finding nice on sale sneaks and caps.
I'm so G that I'm wearing two different sneaks.. Yes! And I bought that cap haha! Sadly the adidas sneaks were too big T_T
I like the creativity of the LEGO store
It's not easy to be a little Korean.. haha!
Wasteland fashion
Listening to JASMINE ♪ I like her style

Going to meet up with some friends in an hour or so \(^∀^)メ(^∀^)ノ



  1. Jeg elsker din "bun". Det ser super godt ud til dig <3

  2. Hello miss G!! did you cut your bangs? well, IT LOOKS CUTE NO MATTER WHAT! kekeke <33
    Oooh the problem with height and maxidresses, I know it all too well haha XDDD gief longer legs, plz! <3

  3. Du er vildt sci-fi på det tredje billede *___* epicness.

    SALE er godt for sjælen. Ikke? IKKE?! D:

  4. JEG ELSKER DEN SANG! -headbangs-