Monday, January 17, 2011


Saturday's outfit.. And now a bunch of pictures haha!
Pretty boys Johan and Anders XD
Neko-chans~!! XD
Pimp much...
Fav Neko girl Maria
We were actually more people starting at Ane's place, where Ane served om nom dinner ヘ(^_^ヘ) Later we kinda got seperated as some went to "The Rock" and we went to "The Scottish Pub". A kinda cozy place as long as you're not alone! Old men (very old!) started hitting on me when the boys went to the bar to get some drinks (; T.T)

Yesterday's outfit
It's the new sweater (and leopard pumps) I got from Yesstyle ♡ + the wig I wanted to try out.. I didn't really style it yet, but I totally love it! (・∀・ )

I went out with my "Thai family" yesterday as my friend/colleague Linda decided to stop working at the restaurant, so we kinda made a "cheer up party" and went to a thai restaurant for dinner and thereafter ended up at Thai corner (a thai bar with ladyboys and old geezers yep) XD One of my friends knew the owners so we got them to play Kpop and did a lot of weird (but hilarious) dance moves (*≧▽≦) 

My friend Rose is coming in an hour or something for dinner.. Gotta put something together..!

Have been updating more frequently lately.. Vacation wooo.. (*´ο`*)=3


  1. Du er så smuk du er <3
    Glad for at se at livet behandler dig ordenligt! <3!

  2. Gå nu væk med at være så pæn Hopy, kan slet ikke tage det <3
    Elsker dit outfit fra i går, all the trends I like in one <3