Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Japanese University Festivals ☆

This weekend, almost all the universities had their annual university festivals! I wish I could have gone to them all, but I'm still happy I was able to attend two.
The first one at Hitotsubashi University on Saturday, and then at Waseda university on Sunday.

Unfortunately I didn't take that many pictures at Hitotsubashi, however I DID see this awesome guy with awesome haircut lol
I wanted to ask for a better picture of his hair, but he seemed kinda busy with this football-goal event XD

At the festival, all the students organize a big festival with food, events and shows. I was really surprised by the size of the school festivals! It all seemed so professional and organized. And everybody was very energetic and tried to get as many customers as possible. It was a really nice experience!!
The Waseda festival was the biggest of the two I went to. I heard the one at Keio University should be the biggest. I hope I can go another time in the future maybe!
A lot of people dressed up in funny costumes to attract more attention. It was a really colorful scenery ( ´艸`)

There were a lot of cosplayers as well~ ♫

Even a girl dressed as Lady Gaga!

 Pretty dancers and this guy that even dyed his hair green!

 We saw on a sign a club called Alice in Wasedaland and when we checked it out, it was a Lolita club!
 The girls were all dressed up in lolita fashion and sold different types of accessories.

At Hitotsubashi University festival they had Miss Hitotsubashi.
However, at Waseda University, they had Mr. Waseda. And actually, we found out it was the BODYBUILDER club.
 It was sooo hilarious!! All the participants had to do the different bodybuilder poses, and people then shouted for their favorite. Some of them even cosplayed and did a small posing sketch. I think it was the most hilarious thing I've seen so far. And the atmosphere in the big hall was very hot and lively. All the small girls were shouting "kawaii!!!" or "kakkoii!!!" all the time XD

It all ended with a big showcase in the biggest hall. People were provided with neon lights and it all looked like a BIG concert event. At the showcase, a lot of the different university clubs joined together for the closing ceremony show. First, all the different dance clubs did an amazing show. Afterwards, some of the smaller clubs like traditional Japanese instrument club + Japanese traditional dance had joined together for a performance and so on.

A lot of the clubs were represented at the showcase. I must admit I was amazed by all the different clubs and their sizes. They had things like hawaii dance, Japanese 'banzai' cheering, BOYS cheerleading squad, Japanese NOH drama and so a LOT more that I don't recall.

It was indeed a very interesting weekend!! I'm so happy I could go and see it. I didn't get to take as many pictures as I wanted due to the unfortunately bad rainy weather o(;△;)o
But everyone survived, and the festival still continued with high spirits despite the weather~♫


  1. Haahahahha .. bodybuilders!! XD i don't know but theres something super hilarious about bodybuilders. Maybe it's their huge bodies and kid size speedos XD
    The school festivals seems super awesome. I didn't know so many attended them :O I mean look at the freaking crowd O-o'''

  2. How cool :D I didn't know universities did school festivals, I thought it was high school thing. I love all your pictures, the lolita club looks so cute :3 It looks like there is a bunch of fun stuff to do, I definitely want to go to that when I go to Japan :]

  3. I love Waseda-sai~~ I've gone a bunch of times to see my friends perform :)

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  5. ahhhh i know so many people going to waseda, waseda is AWESOME! and it looks like their festival is so too XD

  6. Ah you went to my university's festival (waseda-sai). I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  7. waaa those are big events, I see the difference between public unis like mine (Osaka uni) and private ones like Hitotsubashi and Waseda xDDD