Thursday, November 24, 2011

*GETS* Japan so far

So here's my long awaited GET post! ( ^ _ ^)∠☆

I won't show you EVERYTHING lol, but just some of my favs ( ´ ▽ ` ) I've bought a bunch of awesome stockings and so on, but it's kinda difficult to show >n<

Anyways, let's get on with the post! My favorite shopping place is definitely Harajuku lol since I'm so cheap and Shibuya.

I'll start with the shoes~ 
Both from Harajuku.
Momo, Harajuku (2500yen)
I love these boots a lot! They remind of some I have at home a lot though lol, but I'm a sucker for those kind of designs ( ̄▽ ̄) They are comfortable to wear and easy to walk in. They don't look that tall, but they are around 8cm.
Harajuku (1500yen)
This design is pretty popular in Japan right now. The school girl kinda look but high heel design. I wasn't sure I liked them in the beginning, but they look kinda cool and classy in shiny black, so I completely fell for them lol! Maria bought the same pair just in matte brown~
Maria insisted we should wear them a whole day. After 20 min they hurt so much we both ran out to buy flats LOL
Momo, Harajuku (2500yen)
My new fav bag ♥ It's not too big, not too small, even fits my DSLR camera, wallet AND makeup bag. PERFECT! lol
109, Shibuya (2500yen)
Wine/Dark red is totally in this fall/winter I noticed. And luckily, wine red just became my new fav color LOL
This bag fits EVERYTHING lol. It's really nice if you need to bring an extra shirt or something since it can contain sooo much. I like the dusty rockish design it has ♫
SPICA, 109, Shibuya (1990yen)
Long slim shirt/dress.
Secondhand, Harajuku (630yen each)
Leopard skirt and fluff hot pants. I know the fluffy shorts aren't that popular anymore, but I still think they look pretty cute lol ♥
Shibuya (1890yen)
Super comfortable oversize shirt ♥ Found it in a small shop in the small streets of Shibuya. A really cute and nice old couple owned the store and they were so nice aaw. Defintely coming back hehe♫ I love walking in the small streets and kinda go on adventure~♪
JSG, 109, Shibuya (5600yen)
One of my fav sweaters! Though not too warm with the whole in the back lol! And I'm not really into the cat ear stuff, but I loved the design so much i didn't care this time lol. I love the detail with the star accessory in the back as well. Look hella sexy lol!!
Momo, Harajuku (1000yen)
I love this oversized top so much! I really like the laze back~
Momo, Harajuku (1500yen)
At first thought, I didn't think this shirt would be my style at all. But then at second thought - I'm really a sucker for lacy/see-through/special backs lol! ♥ And I'm loving this shirt. I was soooo happy I found it♫ I'm using it with a top underneath or as a cardigan~
Harajuku (2000yen)
One of my first boughts in Japan actually! can't remember shop name sorry Lovely cardigan, but apparently I'm too fat for it or something cause I can't close the buttons (T_T) But I still it a lot, especially the detail with the whole for the thumb lol. I love shirts with that ♥
Shonen Jump, Landmark Plaza, Yokohama (1800yen)
And yes I'm a total otaku lol! I LOVE chopper from One Piece! He's my current no. 1 character O(≧∇≦)OI can't help it. He's just too cute lol! ♥
Ok and I bought A LOT of accessories. I mostly wear silver as you can see ^^;

Forever 21: 1, 3, 12, 13, 15. (290~590yen)
Claire's: 2 & 6 (~300yen)
Paris Kids: 5, 8, 9, 11, 14 (315yen)
The rest from Korea lol (4, 7, 10)
And then I actually bought some gold accessories as well~
Necklace from Paris Kids, Earring from Claire's, and the rest from Forever 21. (290yen~590yen)

Almost at the end!

Don Quijote ドンキホーテ (3000yen)
Bought a curling iron since my flattening iron doesn't really work in Japan and I use that for curls usually.. I love the pink design ♥ And it warms up super fast!
My last buy is one of my absolute favs.

Perfume!! lol ♫
I absolutely LOVE this perfume! The fragrant is soooo nice I'm already addicted! And the price is really reasonable as well *Q* I was looking at some different from the same Samourai brand that smelled pretty nice as well. But this one was the absolute winner! It's a kinda fresh rosery-flower smell. I'm not really into the sweet or heavy kinda perfumes, so this one was perfect for my! Freshness~♫

I'm definitely gonna go back and buy other perfumes loooool. Been looking at a Vivianne Westwood as well~

And that's the end! I must admit I haven't shopped that much at once before! Wow I almost got scared lol. I didn't get everything at once of course. But last week was definitely an extreme shopping week with Maria ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

I went on a date to Odaiba yesterday (ノ´∀`*)ノIt was sooo pretty~

Well what I wanted to say was, I'm gonna show you some pretty pictures next time (^_~)☆


  1. i loved all things that you bought xD <3

  2. OMG... don't know what to say, this haul is just amazing *q* !!

  3. So many nice things wow. The school girl shoe styled heels are really pretty :O I would have never thought they looked so good!

  4. ORH I love the things that you've bought! ;W;
    Can't wait to see it IRL <3
    But I'm glad you're having a super time <3 :D

  5. Wow so many things <3
    I love those wedges shoes!
    Ahhh I want to go on a shopping spree xD

  6. Waaa Nice things *O* I love your clothes, shoes, accessories and not to mention Chopper <3

    I'll look forward to your next entry and to see you again when you come home ;w;

  7. I LOVE EVERYTHING! :O omg, how is that not all of it XD haha, i love the see-through top & the jewellery the most.. plus those first shoes :D so hot!

  8. SÅÅÅÅå mange ting!! T_T
    husk de der gratis ting fra gaden til mig .. :)

  9. Omg .. im scared O-o My shoppingpost will be never ending !
    But you got some really awesome things :D Really jalous of the black shirt with the lace. It's soooo awesome <3

  10. OMG Choppaaaa!! I think I got like 7 plushies of him from UFO catchers x'DD!!