Wednesday, September 14, 2011

While travelling.. First destination: Seoul!

Annyeong lovely readers..!

I'm still alive XD Sorry I have kinda abandoned my blog for a short while.. But I didn't feel like writing and finding anything blogging about either..!

Anyway! I'm currently in Seoul, Korea! I left Copenhagen Monday night and arrived in Korea today, Wednesday noon! The longest trip ever! 9 hours from CPH - Beijing → 7 hours of waiting in Beijing airport → 3 hours from Beijing to Tokyo → 12 hours of waiting in Narita (the longest 12 hours ever staying overnight in the airport. Not recommended unless you have hobo skillz/can sleep everywhere etc which I didn't have) → 2 hours from Tokyo to Seoul = 33 hour trip.
Yes ladies and gentlemen, I put this stupid trip together myself and waisted 19 hours of my life waiting... My talent is NOT in a Traveling Agency..
Beijing Airport
Anyway! Before I left Denmark, I had a little joint birthday dinner (me and lil sis) with my family, and I got a new camera lens from my cousins! Lovely lovely present, I love it soo much! ♥ I've wished for this lens for a long time and was actually planning on buying it when I got to Japan. So while waiting in Beijing Airport, I of course had to try it out! If anyone is interested in cameras it's a CANON EF 50mm f/1.8 II LENS XD
I'm no photographer but just enjoy taking pictures ^^

Tea shop
Maneki Neko - the fortune cat n_n
Tradition old Chinese wagon.. I guess..
Tea shop again XD
Resting area

My bag >3>;
My leggings...
Random person's shoes...
My nails..
OK sorry I got really bored waiting at the airport haha! I just love the pretty blur effect the lens makes ^^

I'll try blog more while I'm here in Asia since it might be more interesting (or not haha, we'll see). I'm staying at my sister Minzi's house right now. She has some cute dogs, I'll show some pictures of them later. They didn't like me at all when I just arrived, but after a bit time (and feeding them some snacks XD) I think at least the mother likes me lol XD Naaw ♥

I'm looking forward for these 10 days I'll be staying in Seoul! I'll try to blog about when I have time n_n


  1. Nice! <3
    We want to see more Japan-blogging :D

  2. You might as well be a photographer with those pictures *O*
    And omg such a crazy trip!!! You are srsly hardcore.. Never heard anyone make such a long travel..

  3. Oh~ Envy ^^ Seoul is very beautiful! You should go to the Han River Park. the Skyline *-*! hehe ^^ Have fun! Can't wait your next posts about Korea. ^-^ Take care!

  4. Holy craa-- what I long trip :c I hope you didn't pay a lot for the plane tickets, haha!
    Beijing is such a huge and pretty airport *-* Thought I find it a bit creepy with all the cameras they have everywhere ´o`

    Can't wait to read about your stay in Seoul c:

    Btw I have that lens as well - it does wonders when you're doing portraits :'D

  5. those pictures are so beautiful!
    hop you have heaps of fun in korea =)

  6. Haha Nice! I'm so jealous you are going to Korea, but I look forward to hear about your trip and everything! <3

    and omg ... 33 hours? xD wasn't there any easier way to get to korea?

  7. o_O


    I am SO jealous. It's now three years ago I came home from living there ;__; Have a nice trip! Please post pics :D