Monday, November 15, 2010

Winter's creeping up

It's getting colder and darker these days and I feel super lazy.. more than I am usual ヾ(-_-;) School is also kinda stressful at the moment - I'm just looking forward for the Christmas holidays..

Getting ready for the icy winter ^^'

Anyway - This weekend I went to J-popcon. Usually I'm not really into these conventions since I often feel bored and don't know what to do.. And I wasn't interested in cosplay either.. However me and Zuum decided to cosplay from Burst Angel since we liked the character designs and I thought I'd give cosplay another chance ^^' So I found myself working on my cosplay the last two months and actually enjoying it.. And YAY! I'm quite happy with my first cosplay \(^□^*) Pictures will come later...

Surprisingly I kinda liked this year's J-popcon - thanks to all my friends and nice people that were there... And the dealer room had Kpop for the first time - so I was really excited XD *fangirling* However there was this creepy guy cosplaying the cat-guy from Ouran High School Host Club and was creeping up at me all the time Ô___Ô Everytime Kami and/or Rose would look at me - kinda scared/alerted - and when I turned around the guy stood behind me with the cat-handdoll at my shoulder (ι´Д`)ノ *eeew*

Saturday I chose not to cosplay.. But did some makeup instead.

And the outfit I wore with my Usamimi ^3^
But it wasn't that fun not to cosplay since I felt out of place >_>' So I wore my cosplay again sunday - sadly without my partner >.< But we'll do a photoshoot or something I guess since she didn't get to wear her Meg cosplay for that long T.T And sorry to say but.. I'm really getting into cosplay now ToT I wan't to cosplay my favorite character from my favorite game... SOUL CALIBUR!!

I love Talim!! I think I'll cosplay her with the blond/white hair. She looks like a cute little rabbit >w< Me and Zuum are totally in Soul Calibur mode since we tried Soul Calibur IV at J-popcon - so she is going to cosplay Taki <3 I'm really excited about it but I guess it'll be a hell a lot of work >_< So I'll start soon ._. I'm already looking forward for Genki 2011 XD (yes I'm a geek)

Thanks people for a nice convention! I'm already super bored and don't know what to do (although I have a bunch of homework *cries*).. Concentration - where did you go!?

Ok bye for now and thanks for looking!


  1. Wow, looking forward to see that cosplay, looks amazing! *_*

    Glad you found your inner cosplayer haha XD

  2. Hahahha after a con you're totally distracted all the time D: and checking fb at all times for new photos. Lame. D:

  3. Your outfit looks super cute! Love your shoes~

    Your Jo cosplay was SOO cool *Q* I really wanna have a photoshoot with you and Bine in your Burst Angel cosplays sometime, if you'd like~

    DO TALIM!! Denmark needs moar Soul Calibur cosplayers (game cosplays in general) :3