Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Shoe-aholic & E.L.F. cosmetics

I think many of you already know the Asian fashion site Yesstyle. I've been looking at there stuff from time to time but never really bought anything... However today, I just browsed through their shoe-collection and I fell TOTALLY in love with almost everything I saw !! Omg why haven't I checked it out earlier??
There are SO many shoes I want - but I'm scarred of buying too much and get an awfully unfair high tax on it D:

Anyway, this is what I've been drooling over *Q*

Me liking angle boots? What do you mean? XD Oh and the last pairs were really funny since I saw the same heartshaped heel when I was in Japan last year. I think they are kinda cute even though they are a bit over the top Barbie-style. But I still think it would be funny to own them... I don't know if I should get them in pink or black yet since the pink ones are REALLY pink... But it would be kinda funny too (*≧▽≦)
They have some really cute summer shoes as well but it might be maybe a bit tooo early since we're getting into winter =.=

Since I don't have any real winter shoes and totally underestimated the sickening cold winter last year, I'm thinking to buy some really warm and comfortable ones... Mmm yeah I want some moonboots~
DC winter boots..! I remember hating moonboots, especially when they were really popular and almost everyone had a pair.. But I actually think the DC ones are cute and they're SUPER comfortable. So I don't have to worry for wet and cold feet I guess (*´ο`*)=3

I also bought some stuff from the UK cosmetic site E.L.F.. I ordered a makeup palette from the US Coastal Scents earlier this year, and it was really nice! It's not that expensive but taxes were added and it was kinda annoying.. My friends then told me about ELF and that the quality should be at least as good as Coastal and it was really cheap.. So I thought I'd try.
I've been lucky with my order I guess - I was a bit skeptical since it wasn't just cheap but REALLY cheap. I mean £3.50 for a mineral blush and £1.50 for nail polish and lipgloss??? But well.. it really works! And I'm really happy with my order!! ヾ(^∇^)

I bought Luscious liquid lipstick
I didn't notice they stated "vanilla Mint" flavor when I bought it, so I got really positively surprised when I got it! I kinda want to eat it since it tastes like my favorite candy ♪(ノ´∀`*)ノ

I bought the pink mineral blush (to the left) at first. It wasn't as pink as I wanted it.. more like rosy, but it lasts all day long compared to a cheap blush I bought from Rimmel that disappears as soon as you touch your cheeks >_>' I tried to order the more purple one, which I'm waiting for, as I hope it will turn out the color I want.
I bought some nail polishes as well but haven't tried them.

But well.. bye bye to savings since christmas presents also weight a lot (  ゚,_ゝ゚)


  1. buy buy buy! You have to buy it all ! XD

  2. ^ I AGREE!! :D

    LOOVE all the shoes!! soo pretty! esp. the second pair!
    I JUST can't seem to find any hot fur boots with high (AND NICE) heels in DK! >:((( *not pleased* Those are so hot like omg haha! :D

  3. I love the furry pumps you got there : D SO CUTE! I'm planning on purchasing some of their beauty products.. But srsly.. min. order value to get free shipping is 150 bucks. BSH!

    I got one of the hypershine lip glosses as well >_<" I think that mine either broke or just... is weird. Cause it dispenses the product weirdly into the applicator. Bsh.. And I LOVE their mineral blushes! I got one in 'Joy'. SUCH a pretty, subtle color.. : D