Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mr. (evil) Bunny~


It's already November I can't believe it..! Time's just passing by like a typhoon D: But I ended my October with a great Halloween party with my class. It was really fun..! One of my friends already made her costume (the Red Queen) for another party and reused it for our halloween, so me and Mew were thinking (or just me actually) "Why not make an Alice-group!?" and then we ran out to buy things for our costumes XD I made my own bunny ears, puff-tail and legwarmers.. I'm actually quite proud haha..! And Mew bought a dress which she demolished and made into an Alice (McGees) dress :D
I used the wig and lenses for my Jo cosplay >w< And did a rather heavy makeup since we wanted to do a more evil-Mcgee like Alice in Wonderland since it was halloween.

At the party there was a girl cosplaying the girl from the Grudge.. And she was really short and looked TOO MUCH like her (and so much into character!! Freaking scary!!) - so even though I haven't watched the movie I was scared as hell TToTT She followed me like a shadow with the scary eyes... *heeeelp*

Otherwise today I only had Japanese class and only 5 students (incl. me) showed up.. But today was CAKEDAY so we ate a lot of muffins and had fun (and difficulties) at translating the week's text.. I felt like dressing up a bit today since class was in the afternoon. Just casual makeup :3
Today I went to Fætter BR after class to look after guns for my Jo cosplay and found some Desert Eagle looking guns! "Perfect!" I thought. They were quite heavy actually for a toy and then I found out they could shoot with plastic balls D: I hope it's ok - it's just a toy anyway.. They were a bit expensive (100 DKR) and I have to get two!! But what the hell I thought and went up the counter to pay... when I noticed I'd forgotten my wallet........ DX Really embarrassing!! 

And I just bought my ticket for Jpopcon - looking forward to finishing my cosplays ^w^ Zuum and I just dyed - or actually painted since it was of synthetic material - our fabrics.. with success! We were so nervous it would fail and leaving us with even more stress and wasted money TToTT But luckily not, so I'll hopefully be finished soon!! I have to sew the top for Kari too - I bought a fluffy kind of fabric so it would look more "modern" and gyaru like - I hope XD

Thanks for looking!! (^ _ ^)/


  1. OMG I love your Halloween costume as the white bunny! You look so cool, cute and creepy/scary at the same time! *__* I love everything about it especially the Hat! and and I'll look forward to see your cosplay!~ It sounds really interesting! ^^b

  2. Your White Rabbit looks super cool! ^O^v

    It's soooooo embarrassing when you forget your wallet @__@ I've done it a couple of times too, I just feel like crawling into a whole every time it happens!

  3. Haha ;D Thanks for the follow back ^^
    Så også dig til meetuppet, derfor jeg lige ville kigge din blog :b Jaaa, det var rimelig trist det meetup og folk gik jo mega hurtigt så os med hæle på sakkede hele tiden bagud >_<
    Aww tak ! <3 En veninde og jeg overvejer også at lave et gyaru meetup men først næste år når vejret er bedre (vi er ikke så gode til vind og kulde :b). Vi er lidt trætte af alle de lolita meetups -_-''