Sunday, October 24, 2010

Burst Angel

So my Fall break is reaching its end, and I'm sitting here wondering where it went D: Thought I'd do a little update.

As mentioned I went to my first Loli-meetup - and it was nice talking to many new (and old) faces ^^ Despite a lot of rude comments from idiot strangers, I think everyone had a great time..

Here's a picture from the meetup ^^
You can watch the rest here

Besides that I've finally started to work on my cosplay project with Zuum ♡ We'll cosplay from a series called Burst Angel, which I by the way just finished watching XD
I'm going to cosplay Jo (on the left) and Zuum will be Meg (on the right). I'm almost finished with her top, and I got the wig and the lenses.... Just a little preview of the lenses and the wig.
I haven't styled or cut the wig yet, I just wanted to try it on >.< It's actually a little too short, but I hope it's a minor detail after styling it. (And it's just a random black top in the picture). And my friend Liv just gave me an idea to how I could hide my eyebrows :3 I'm really looking forward to being finished O(≧∇≦)O
I also do some workout just so I can look a little more 'buff' - just like Jo X'D It might sound obsessive, but since she's not wearing that much clothes.. I don't want to burn out people's eye sockets with my I-haven't-worked-out-since-forever body XD *cough*
I might upload more in process pictures of my cosplay!

Thanks for looking ー♪


  1. It was fun meeting you again :D And I loooooove your outfit! It was so cool and suited you perfectly!

    Like I wrote on Bine's blog - about time to see Burst Angel cosplayers in Denmark *A* Can't wait to see your Jo - I have no doubt that it's going to be amazing! LOVE the makeup you did on your preview pic!

  2. The Halloween meet-up sounds like fun! Too bad I don't own any lolita clothes at all x,D And I hate when strangers come with rude comments - why do they feel the need to act like that and hurt people they don't even know? I don't get it T,T

    I agree with Sascha about the cosplay make-up - what did you use to color your brows grey? Mine should be pink for my Maria cosplay at J-popcon, but I haven't found a nice method yet ^^' But well, I'm looking forward to see you and Bine's cosplays!

  3. Hey it's Joe Joe, yeah It's Joe Joe! XD

    OMG I can't waaait! It's gonna be so AWESOME!!!!! <3

    Nadia har lovet at hjælpe mig i næste uge, så bare rolig, jeg skal nok nå det OOHOHOHOHOHOHOO!!!

    ... I'm hungry.. *getting kidnapped on my way to the kitchen* ~<3