Thursday, October 7, 2010


Hello~! <3

Yeah, so I decided to try making a blog. Don't ask me about the name XD And I just selected a quick layout for now.. I'm usually really lazy with these things, so I don't know how frequently I'll write anything. Anyway! I'll mainly post "makeup looks" when I have time, since it's one of my big passions :3 And I may also post some outfits or styling.. ^^'

Last friday, Rose and her boyfriend came to visit me ^o^ It was really fun, and we played around with makeup on each other XD (sounds like kindergarden *laugh*) She did a cyan-colored look on my whereas I did a purple-magenta on her.. This is what we got!

And then the more fun pictures XD

Rose kinda reminds me of Mulan and that picture! You know, when Mushu gives Mulan her breakfast?

Ok, that was it for now! Gotta make dinner before I starve =w= ' I'll post some more makeup pictures late!


  1. Seriously, this it like my 10th time being the 1st follower of a blog, hhahaha :D

    SWEET. I actually like the make-up on you the best. There are so many layers and stuff on the on Rose, and it's just.. so much pattern, haha! Really arty though <3

    Welcome to blogspot! You'll never return to the real world now, hahah ;)

  2. Haha xD omg she totally look like Mulan!

  3. *stalked back* <3
    omg I love the make up...! Amazing Hopy~