Wednesday, September 12, 2012

To-ki-YO! ★




Sooo did you think I was gonna write all in Japanese?? ;D Just fooling around waha oh well.. To sum up! The first day in Japan was pretty emotionally harsh, but I got through thanks to my roomie (we were both having a minor crisis lol)
Taking a stroll through the city the first day we ended up getting lost and found ourself in the host club district seeing no way out. So we went into one just for shit and giggles! No we didn't, but could have been fun to try, especially because it was only around 1pm haha!

The first three photos after the Host poster (lol) are from exclusive Ginza! I actually haven't been there before, so it was my first time despite it's my third time in Japan haha!

Next up is Ebisu! Very very beautiful area!! I've always wanted to go there for a special reason...
Yes it is ALL for this particular stone figure. I'm serious. If you know what I am talking about I'll love you forever haha!!

 More photos of the stoooone!!
And if you still don't know why I'm fancying a stone figure, this is total PROOF that I'm not the only one ;D

Ebisu Garden Plaza! A lot of people relaxing and children playing around! There's a department store and a lot of shops in the buildings as well.

This girl was playing with soap bubbles with her friend and her dad. Soooo cute!! (so I took a stalker photo)
Cute children bike! And thank god I'm a girl, 'cause I think all the parents would have thought I was a creepy pedophile taking all those photos of children >__>; haha...

Heading to Korean Town (aka Shin Okubo) walking through Kabukichou, Shinjuku. There's always a huge risk getting a million flyers and being tempted (or not lol) by pretty (or... not!!) hosts :P

I just keep being creepy lol..

And Korean town means a LOT of Kpop EVERYWHERE as well. So much I'm unsure if I went to Japan at all lol!

Yaay me and roomie Maria XD Lol.. Notice how nice we 'set up' the background?? :P

And guess who I saw in television... Kame~!!!! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
Now my goal is to see him LIVE!! I'll properly go all highschool girl fan crazy if that ever happened.. ahaha!! But thereafter my life would be complete lol
Kattun in a weird show... It was pretty weird and funny >3<

And that has kinda been my current week here in Japan. Though I only took photos for 3 days >_>;

I'll take much more photos when I get to experience more amusing stuff!! I currently have a REALLY exciting project this weekend..!! I'll just say it's properly the first step into the field I wanna work in and I've been granted a huge chance!! I'm really excited but can't reveal anymore~ I'll of course show/tell you when everything is finished ;D

So that has been Japan so far! It's super hot and humid here but other than that quite nice! I must say I'm pretty curious myself to know how this year will turn out hehe...

Thanks for reading! (︶ω︶)

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