Saturday, April 16, 2011

Candy & Sweets ♥

*Warning: Long post + picture spam*

I've been working on a group exam paper this week, sitting on school two days in a row for 6+ hours writing with my group. And finally Friday it was over! So I absolutely felt like going out and doing something! ゚+.(・∀・).+゚

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 Luckily I had a date with my onee Rose, so we went to the Danish shopping street Strøget and took a nice long walk. The weather was really nice and we both was longing for ICECREAM!! On the way we visited the newly opened Candy Mega Store and omg! I haven't been there before, and they have ALL the candy you knew from childhood + loads of US candy. 
I've seen Fluff before - melted marshmellow in a nutella box style.. But JELL-O?? Wtf.. And with oreo as well.. That's SO American haha! And from experience I know most Danes HATE jelly things so I'm wondering who would actually buy that ( ̄ー ̄)

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 We ended up with getting some churros after standing close to the stall lurking at the icecream.. And look at that! Hello Kitty icecream?? I wonder how that taste haha! But I went for the muffin-flavored icecream instead XD Next time!
Rose chose a cherry flavored one.. That was REALLY good, I will get that next time as well! Since I'm allergic to most fruits incl. cherries - cherry flavoured stuff that actually taste like cherry (and not the usual synthetic crap) makes me happy since I can eat that..! However I ended up eating too much and got super nauseaus afterwards.. (@へ@)'

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Then we just fooled around, trying on weird stuff. Found some funny sparkling 'glasses' XD
And I bought this neat little jumpsuit thing..! Rose bought a onepiece in similar button up army style.. We'll wear it together someday haha!
 And I wanted to buy the bag on top. But I didn't wanna spend too much so I waited.. But I like the colors and it somehow reminds me of Co&Lu (;≧∇≦)
 Aaw and the deco on the wedges was soo cute! So Hime gyaru like (∩_∩)
 And a cute sparkling bag I wanted as well.. too expensive for my taste though (I'm really cheap haha)
I forgot to take a outfit of the day picture, so here's a crappy one of me and Rose with a stalker lady in the bg XD

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And some picture spam/cam whoring

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Later I went to a university bar with some friends. They had Isakaya Sakura theme XD So they had edamame beans and a pink cocktail named Sakura with sake and elderflower.

Big 'toothpaste ad' smiles!
Iquang - an exchange student from Singepore, classmate Emil and me
And lastly, a dorky picture of me and my friend Mari

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Thanks for reading and feel free to leave a comment on whatever you like XD


  1. LOVE the purses and the ice cream! :'D
    The title confused me tho xD But oh well! You're super pretty in all photos and the glasses look super cute on you : D

  2. I was also in the candy mega store a bought a 1kg +++ candy XD its becomming my fav candy store atm :b i could stay in there for hours <3

  3. Your make up is very pretty :)

  4. hvor fandt du den der shortse dragt? :D