Wednesday, April 6, 2011

☆ In the Spotlight ☆

So this weekend I was hosting a Vietnamese culture night with some friends, where I was in charge of the fashion show. Everything from designing the dresses (vietnamese ao dai) to styling the models. I think the hardest part was actually to cut out all the flowers for the makeup and put the pieces together ε-(´・`) Luckily I had a great team that helped me doing the models' hair and gluing the flowers on haha! Thanks Rose, Maria and Lan for helping me out o(^▽^)o
I was busy all day with doing the models' makeup and hair and got really stressed. I had to model myself as well so when it was suddenly showtime I forgot everything that we practised ☆⌒(>。≪)
After the fashion show we went backstage to take some photos.. and doing weird poses haha! That's me to the right btw doing the agepayo-pose if you hadn't noticed XD
And thanks to all the models (∩_∩)
I got this awesome Spongebob Tee from my cousin at the culture night!! Love it SO much!!!

Monday I went with Maria and Morten to Flow Dance Academy to do zumba try out some LA style dance..! I've been thinking for a loooong time that I really wanted to start dancing (hiphop style or something) - but I always thought that I was too old and stuff >.< So it was really nice to go with someone! We had a lot of fun watching each other jumping around soaked in sweat XD No really, it was SOOO GREAT!! I was really REALLY happy that I went there, so now me and Maria are starting (☆▽☆) But Rihanna's song 'Hard' is stucked on my mind since that's the one we danced to

I went out street shopping a bit today to get some baggy sweat pants I can dance in. I found some grey Bloc28 Disney sweat pants XD And then these Nike sneaks that I needed.. because they were awesome and on sale and coincidently in my size...
Today's outfit.. I tried a different eyeliner style just for fun, instead of the cateyeish thing I always do (o^−^o) Unfortunately I've grown allergic to the eyelash glue I use.. And since we used lash glue for the flowers for the fashion show, I got all red around my right eye (  ゚,_ゝ゚) Gotta find a new glue.. cheap crap!
Doing weird leg pose haha! Got the tank top from my cousin as well (she went on a trip to Miami that's why). And yes - I totally love tank tops!
And this totally made my day! I was in the metro and this little asian boy had this awesome spongebob bag! I had to secretly snap the picture with my iphone haha! I wanted to ask where he got it from but thought it would be a bit too creepy >3>'
And you might have guessed by now that I'm in a serious realtionship with Spongebob.. Or maybe just his fangirl..

Woah long post... But that was all for now!

And I'm in the process of learning the dance to f(x)'s NU ABO.. awesome stuff


  1. You look amazing! *_* how do you get your hair to look so damn HEALTHY and LONG? Extensions? Hair treatments? ENLIGHTEN MEEEE <3

    You did an amazing job planning the fashion show and all. : D Too bad Jeongie got sick and couldn't help out! : ( BOO!

  2. It was ssssuch a nice fashionshow :D <3
    i was really happy that i could help out.

    Woaaah the shoes are so nice :O can't wait to see your 'dancing' outfit next time .. tehee~ :3

  3. hello(´・ω・`)
    I just found your blog(≧ω≦。)
    and i think it is very cute and interesting!
    i like it!
    Can i follow you?ヽ(゚◇゚ )ノ
    You can also look at my blog if you are interested and if you write a comment i will write a comment on your new post also again^^



    Hope you have a nice hot spring day!(*゚ー゚)ゞ

  4. Nani: Yes extensions haha! Har kun hår til skuldrende ca. Men gør ik noget specielt ._. Bare shampoo og balsam.. hver anden dag så det ik slider håret.. uhm.. Bruger ik heat protector selvom jeg burde.. ja kan ik sige så meget andet ^^'

  5. I found you blog recently and i really like it!
    haha i love your hair and you're very pretty *_*

    you remind me of CL in the outfit look haha :)

  6. Wow, those Vietnamese dresses look stunning!