Friday, June 24, 2011

Asian Sunday ☆ Asian Party

Sundays are Asian Sundays~
Well at least for me (゚∇^*) ! On some Sundays me and some friends/old colleagues gather together and make a hell lot of food. Since we're all some kind of Asian (viet, thai, korean, chinese, cambodian whatever XD) we decided to call it Asian Sunday.

. : * :・’゜☆ . : * :・’゜☆ . : * :・’

These are pictures from last Asian Sunday *click big*
Thai ribs
Papaya salad
And more, but no pictures haha! Are you getting hungry now??? (人´∀`).☆.。.:*・

All these pictures are taken by Haan, a wonderful cook - he has a lot of nice recipes on his blog! 
The pictures are actually taken with my small, old Canon ixus digital camera. I'm surprised how good the pictures turned out (*゚0゚) Just proves a good camera does not make a good photographer!

. : * :・’゜☆ . : * :・’゜☆ . : * :・’

 Last Friday I had a Girl's Night Out with Jeongie and Maria.
Maria brought this strawberry cream liquor~ It was sooo good! Tasted like McD's strawberry milkshake!
We went to club NASA where they hosted Azn Con for the first time. A space like club. Pretty neat - but the dance floor was too small, which was a problem for the huge crowd of (small) Asians that gathered there. But it was still a lot of fun ♪♫
Me and Jeongie. Camwhoring in the toilet. Yes.
You guessed right. More camwhoring.
Rose and me. Later. Drunk.
. : * :・’゜☆ . : * :・’゜☆ . : * :・’

I've been quite busy but I'm now finally done with all my exams! Which means.. I finished my 2nd year! Only one more year to go and I can call myself bachelor muha muha Σ(@д@;) Well next year will be quite something different as I'm going to Japan for half a year almost. 
This year - no real summer vacation for me either as I chose to take two electives over the summer so I can "relax" in Japan without worrying too much about studying. Gonna be nice! But one hectic summer ugh 。:゜(;´∩`;)゜:。

I'm going over to Jeongie's pretty soon for some Dinner~ Well, I'm gonna make some teriyaki chicken onigiri to bring ♥



  1. Aww Asian Sundays sounds like so much fun! Hehe, just looking at the food makes me huungry and want to make some Asian food myself~ xD

  2. awww lucky so much good food >.< i dont even have food in my house now T^T lol i remember that my family did an asian feast for new years so yummy XD

  3. so yummy!( ゚д゚) what a feast, nom nom nom :D
    you look so cute in the last photo :3

    i totally envy you for going to japan next year(for almost 6 months), so lucky! hihi. wish i could go, but it would probably first happen when i start Japanese Studies (japan studierne) next year at KU.