Monday, August 27, 2012

Genki convention | Japan in one week

I have been bad at blogging lately sorry! But thank you so much for the nice comments on my entry last time! I'm sorry I didn't get to respond, but it made me very happy *(*´∀`*)☆

I've been super busy with a lot of photoshoot projects, making cosplay (!!), and yeah.. preparations for Japan! Well I'll take it all in chronological order.

Genki con 2012
Serious picture with serious pink cake ♥
 So two weekends ago I attended a Danish Japanese anime/manga convention. It was a lot of fun, and even more exciting since I'm starting getting into cosplay (now let's see if I'll lose any followers on this lol)
I've done a bit before as some of my earlier readers might know, but I'm getting much more into it now and have a looot of future cosplay projects I wanna do teehee (´∇ノ`*)ノ

Friday I cosplayed "Menma" from Ano Hana

Sewing that dress was much trickier than I thought.. But at least everything's white so you don't notice my mistakes in photos haha >_>;

Saturday I crossplayed (!!) as "Toudou Heisuke" from Hakuouki ♥ Now THAT was a challenge! I already went on a photoshoot with that cosplay before the convention, so I already tested it out luckily..
I know my face isn't super manly, so I chose the most girly/boyish looking character from the series XD
I'm so serious... XD
I might post some photos from the photoshoot as well when they're ready! Later that day I changed into the 'Rasetsu/Oni' version from Hakuoki and was joined by my partner Zuum as Souji ♥
Yum yum blood everywhere XD
And Sunday I was much excited as I was cosplaying as Yukari/Caroline from one of my favorite manga Paradise Kiss.
Photo: Ali Jehad

 And with my lovely Zuum as George ♥

More photos might come later!
Photo by me
And lovely Lea that I stayed at did a casual Captain America inspired outfit and I did her makeup ♥

You can watch all my photos from Genki if you're interested on my facebook (yes it's public for once!)

Yup and that was it! Lovely convention but burning hot.. I wouldn't complain if it wasn't because I was wearing too hot costumes ;_; I must plan my cosplays after what season the conventions are placed in next time lol

`*:;,.★ ~☆・:.,;*

And oh yes! Now there's only ONE WEEK until I'm moving to Japan for a year!! I must say once again that I'm dead scared and anxious >___>; I know it's something I have to do and have been looking forward to, but now that's it's actually just around the corner I'm turning into a scaredy cat >_<; At least I'm not travelling alone this time!!

`*:;,.★ ~☆・:.,;*

And I have a question for my lovely readers.. I'm considering making a Facebook page for my makeup and other creative stuff... Would it be a good idea?? Yay or nay??

somehow it just seems a bit embarrassing compared to a blog >_<; But I'd be able to update faster and put up small stuff and WIP stuff. And then do the decent posts in bogger still ofc.

Thanks for looking!

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