Saturday, August 11, 2012

「Midsummer Flower & Night」 PHOTOSHOOT | New Layout

Ego spam of d00m is coming up! (*~▽~)

The amazing photographer of this double shoot is Silas Staal.
We were super ambitious and did 2 shoots in one day! 

I was a bit nervous since 'self-camming' and modeling in front of photographer is two whole different things lol.. A bit awkward in the beginning since striking ridiculous cliché modeling poses feels really... ridiculous (^~^;)ゞ I already warned Silas that I might only have 5 poses and the same face all the way haha (ñ_ñ) But I guess everything turned out fine in the end and luckily I didn't get too nervous or awkward! Working with Silas was a lot of fun!

***First shoot***
The first shoot was a summer inspired shoot. If you noticed (or follow my blog lol) I used the hair accesory I made for the Vietnamese fashion show/catwalk (◕‿◕✿)

Click BIG! :D

***Second shoot***
After the first shoot we went home and got ready for a night shoot. This was all kinda.. random in case of my styling. Coincidently Silas had a purple cosplay wig, and I thought it would be fun to use, and then I wrapped a necklace around and it became a bit bohemian style (●´艸`) Yes, now you know my secret XD

 And that was it! Well just so you know I didn't entirely spam you, there was more than 100 photos from this set lol... 
It was a super fun experience and both me and Silas were so hyped that we already did another shoot last Tuesday haha! I'll post them of course when they're ready..

***New Layout***
And as you might have noticed I changed my layout! I like this A LOT more than the old.. Looks more pro now haha! And the photo is of course taken by Silas, banner edited by me.
But I seriously need a new blog title and name/address! I'm just really uncreative with names and titles ugh... but anything must be better than the current one o(-_-;*)

That was all! There's not long before Japan, but I must admit my life currently revolving around photoshoots (both as photographer and model) isn't too bad (*´艸`*)


  1. I love too read your blog, its so fancy and awesome! :3
    Anyway, i Found your blog via and i would Like to ask you something.
    (now i'll write ón Danish)
    Du har nogle hvide lolita knæ sokker med blonder til salg inde i dit salgs-tråd inde på, men da jeg ikke har nogle profil derinde (og afventer godkendelse) ville jeg spørge dig HER om vi kunne skrives videre privat hvor vi kan aftale, hvis jeg kunne køe et par af de der sokker? (:
    Jeg bor selv i KBH.
    Du kan sende en mail; :3


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