Sunday, July 29, 2012

MAC makeup | Lightroom | Photoshoot Teaser

My family just came home from a trip to America, and they bought me some stuff yay! (some per request lol)

Embarrassingly this is actually my ever first MAC makeup! (I'm so way behind) So I'm pretty excited! A lot of my friends are mac fans and users so I've been considering getting some for a long time. But I'm glad I finally got some!

 Blush: Solar Ray
Lipstick: Please Me & Russian Red

And I asked my sister to get me this Maybelline master precise eyeliner as well. I've always been using either liquid, gel or coal liner, but after trying this (and seeing a lot of the gals using it hehe) I tried it and fell in love with the easiness of applying this product! It dries fast and stays on really nicely!

Here I'm wearing the Maybelline eyeliner, Solar Ray blush (mac) and Please Me lipstick (mac)
(and my new hair in process)
Closeup: I really love this color already!! It's a matte natural pink color and stays on all day without staining and needing to be reapplied too often (I only reapplied once and after drinking and eating it was still nice and vivid). It doesn't dry out your lips either. 5 stars from here haha!! Totally love this!

Adobe Lightroom 4
It's no secret I've been using Photoshop for editing my pictures XD However all my photographer friends are using Lightroom and recommended my trying it instead since everything is easier.. So.. I finally tried!! And I'm already in love!! It's SO much easier and you can edit your photos WAY faster! What did I waster my time with in photoshop all these.. years!? Wow I feel like I just discovered the evolution in editing haha! (so slow)
SO I tried editing a photo from the Queen of Hearts makeup set I did. I really like the result hehe and it was really much easier to do than in photoshop!

And I mentioned last time I was going to do a small photoshoot right?? Well..  
Here's a small teaser!!
Photo by Silas Staal

And that was all from this time!
Thanks for looking!

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