Thursday, July 19, 2012

「Queen of Hearts」 MAKEUP SHOOT

Inspired by QUEEN OF HEARTS I decided to make a small makeup shoot.

The outcome wasn't as good as I had hoped since I suddenly couldn't find some of my makeup brushes and other tools.. So it's a bit toned down and 'casual' interpretation.

And here's the photospam of me... (*´_ゝ`) Enjoy!

I was actually planning to have red eyes for the look. My red contacts were out of date though so I just used my blue and edited them. But somehow I kinda liked the blue better in the end, so I decided to keep them blue. Only kept the red eyes for the second last photo since I liked the red theme in that photo.

I added a tint of gold to the lips but I guess it's only kinda visible in the last picture!

And I made the lashes out of 3 other lashes that I just stacked together “ヽ(´▽`)ノ” (black, gold and red though the red disappeared in the makeup...)

Hope you liked! And thanks for looking!

I'm going to a real photoshoot this Sunday with a friend who's a super talented photographer! He's awesome so I'm looking much forward to it! 
Taking pictures of yourself is just kinda awkward and bothersome haha!

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