Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tokyo street snaps | Going to Kyoto

I will be going on a small trip to Kyoto this weekend! Just had a few hours to kill before I'm leaving with the night bus so thought why not blog a little? ;)

Here are a few snapshots I've taken recently. I'm looking much more forward to taking photos in Kyoto! It's soon gonna be momiji in Japan, the season where all the leaves turn yellow/orange and red! I haven't been to Kyoto since my first time in Japan which was in 2009, so it's gonna be nice to see it again :)

A lot of school children in Yoyogi park!

At Waseda University Festival. Students making Korean pancakes.
So many different 'circles' aka club activities! Here's traditional Japanese instruments and dancing
 And then finally last week my dear Bine came to Tokyo!!
Me and Bine at Udon restaurant hehe
Nice BD present from Bine <3
 She brought me all the stuff I miss from home hehe! And oatmeal is one thing I love to eat for breakfast and it's super expensive here in Japan. Ad then of course licorice!
Bine wanted to see the Square Enix shop and we were surprised when we found out it wasn't that far away from where we live :D I haven't been there either so we were quite hyped.
Square Enix show case entrance
 It was much smaller than we both had expected though lol!! So we kinda had the feeling of "is that it?? No secret room or anything we didn't see??" kinda feeling haha!
 But it was fun anyways!

 And the next photo was all worth it!! Actually we came especially to look at Sephiroth on the ground hehe

And the other day we went to Ikebukuro with sweet Kiba! <3 
Puri of that day!! I like how I have the biggest eyes LOL very anime. desu.

Yes I will be back again with hopefully a lot of nice photos from Kyoto next time!

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