Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Kyoto - Uji - Nara weekend trip!

Kyoto station
As mentioned I went to Kyoto some weeks ago. We actually ended up visiting Uji, a nearby town, and Nara as well within those 2½ day!
This blog post will be an entire photo post.. I took more than 300 photos! But don't worry, I 'only' selected around 50 for you guys lol (Click BIG to get the best view of the photos ^^)
Cute toilet sign at the station!
I really wonder if it's really worth blogging anymore since it's just like a photo bomb, and once a month if I remember too >n< I guess the people who still follow my blog are mostly my facebook friends anyways?? haha... /sad

Anyway, first day was pretty hectic. We arrived with the night bus 6:30 AM in Kyoto. So after getting some coffee and breakfast we went on to a nearby temple and garden close to Kyoto station and afterwards to Fushimi Inari shrine! The latter I will really recommend if you ever go to Kyoto!


Runners in the mountain!
This place is really pretty and we were lucky with the weather too! I was so touched somehow when I saw runners doing their properly daily routine in that place.. Especially because they were all mostly old people! I would do the same if I lived close to there lol!! (properly could not lol)
Cats sunbathing ^^
After that we went to a small town called Uji, which the lady at the tourist information recommended. We didn't have other plans that day, so why not try and see?
Yes my first thought was to stalk the ladies in kimonos even though I had no idea where to go lol

Matcha soba!! I sooo wanted to eat this waah!!


Conclusion: Uji was VERY beautiful... So 'clean' somehow with all the nature and the mountains in the background. Completely different from metropolis Tokyo!
So next day we weren't so lucky with the weather.. It actually rained the whole day! But we went to the famous Kiyomizu-dera (also known as suicide temple LOL).

You can properly guess why it's known for being the suicide temple from this photo.

Don't joke with the deers! They will even knock down old ladies lol!
Sunday morning we took the train to Nara to visit the deers.

Not gonna get that senbei (rice cracker)

Instead it chewed on Maria's jacket lol

Yep deers are pervs at well!!
Actually the first thing that happened when we came to the place with the deers.. One pervy deer gave me the biggest chock by deciding to nap me in the butt, so I ran and there was no more deer patting for me lol
Yes Maria is running away as well haha

But this cute deer baby was just... too cute!

Pretty red leaves!
This is properly one of my favorite shots from the trip <3
The gang I went on the trip with!
And that was my trip to Kyoto! I went there more than 3 years ago now, so going back there was really nostalgic. I was pretty impressed with myself since I actually remembered some places and directions (if you know me.. my sense of direction is close to non-existing)

I think I improved a little bit at photography as well ^^ Especially with my new lens and the landscape snaps.

Well Christmas is coming up soon! Christmas in Japan is totally different from the Christmas I know from Denmark, so it's gonna be weird staying here for Christmas. I will miss the Christmas food a LOT!

But lets see how Christmas will be like this year!

I hope you guys will have a nice Christmas as well!!

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